I read in the PG that Snickers has pulled an ad running in Britain which features Mr. T telling those silly Brits to "Get Some Nuts."  In this one particular ad, Mr. T confronts a speed walker and makes him run like a man by pelting him with Snickers bars. 

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation cried foul and complained that the ad uses stereotypes of gay men?

See for yourself:


Since when is speedwalking a gay stereotype?  Granted there's a lot of swish going on, but its a result of hip movement not sexual orientation.  I viewed the ad as parody, not insult.  I can't imagine a "Get Some Nuts" campaign running in the US -- using an obvious sexual reference (even metaphoric) about men in print?  Ha ha ha.  Never.  We don't have the capacity to be that ironic or self-deprecating. 

IMHO, this is silly.  The ad made me laugh b/c its just so funny to try and sell candy bars by making them macho.  There's also the additional irony that both this and the first ad center around men engaging in athletic/fitness activities, rather than eating candy bars.  It is delicious.