Final nail in the coffin.  For this round. Courtesy of Equality Advocates:

The Pennsylvania legislature adjourned for its summer recess in the first week of July without any further action on the proposed Constitutional amendment, SB 1250. The legislation attempted to prohibit legal recognition of non-marital relationships in Pennsylvania including marriages of same-sex couples and civil unions. In order for the legislation to be validly passed, it must pass two two-year sessions of the legislature and it must be passed at least 90 days before a statewide election. Since the legislature is not scheduled to meet until mid-September, it cannot be passed 90 days prior to the November statewide election. The session ends in December.


Now if someone would turn their attention to the City of Pittsburgh's yet-to-be-appointed LGBT Advisory Board and the yet-to-be-named LGBT Mayoral Liaison, a few more loose ends would be wrapped up before bounding onto the newest and coolest LGBT advocacy flavor of the month issue. 

Or we can just wait to see in what new direction we are led, write our email messages and get on with not paying attention.