Wow. Big 24 hours.  My story about Diane Gramley and the Allegheny County Anti-Discrimination Legislation was picked up by several national sites and my domain expires!  Can you believe that luck?  My "guy" is on it, though. And thanks to all of my wonderful blogging friends in Pittsburgh who sent me assorted "creative" messages informing me of the situation?  Next time a sex shop appears on my website -- text me please!  :-)

So, happy 3rd anniversary to us here at Lesbian Central.  I'm a fairly fickle person so it is peronally interesting to me that I've been doing this with fair consistency for three years (with the occasional much needed break).  We've had a lot of fun with all of the creative directions this project has generated, including opportunities to participate in Pam's House Blend, DailyKOS and LezGetReal even if we are very far down on the page. LOL.  And PageOneQ has been great about picking up our local stories.

Highlights, you ask?  In no particular order.

- Doug Shields' letter to Sally Kerns.  I love it when the calvary arrives and he did it with vigor and style. 

- The conclusion of the trial of Reverend Janet Edwards. I don't think we've heard the last of this incredible woman and leader in the community. 

-  Participating in the Bloggers Summit in DC.  What an energizing weekend.  I was agog with groupieness. 

- The election of Bruce Kraus to Pittsburgh City Council.  Bruce is the first openly gay member of this body and the second openly gay elected person in Western Pennsylvania.  (A regret is being unable to track down the first, a council member from tiny Wilkinsburg)

- The first ever Blog for Equality in Western Pennsylvania.  This brainchild of local straight blogger Bram Reichbaum, this brought together nearly 2 dozen local bloggers around one topic:  equality for everyone. 

- Celebrating 25 years of our own Lambda Foundation, the cornerstone of Pittsburgh's philanthropic community.  They've generated nearly $1 million in grants and been a part of every major and minor initiative in the community, sometimes as a catalyst and sometimes to keep vital services flowing smoothly. 

I'm sure there's much more, but I have to turn my attention to other things.  Our little story about intolerance v equality in Allegheny County is getting big play in the gay media.  Did you call you Councilperson yet?