Been a little quiet of late, huh?  Well, I just received a job offer that has me very busily trying to wrap up old business and prepare for the new.  I have a four week buffer where I'll have one foot in each job.  It is an opportunity of which I could not dream a mere four weeks ago ... the chance to work with a team of people I admire and in a field that holds a special place in my heart.  I'm not leaving Pgh, so don't worry.  But I'll probably be a little less on-line even as I do break in my new laptop. 

Timing is everything, eh?

Leaving a job is hard.  I cry a little each day as I put away files and try to cope with wrapping up five years of my life.  Just the paperwork through which I must sort is overwhelming.  I don't know how people do this after 20 years or more in one place.  How do you wrap up all that stuff and move on?

Today is my 38th birthday.  37 was a tough one -- we lost Ledcat's Grandpa, Mona and my friend John.  The anniversary of his death is approaching and I'm a little anxious about that.  On the bright side, our nephew Jack was born, adopted Ana and, apparently, my career inched forward a bit. 

I could use a less eventful year. 

I also learned that Facebook is a cool place for your birthday.  Tons of people I used to know took a moment to give me a shout out.  That's pretty nice and uplifting when you've spent your day swimming through stuff, good and bad. 

My friend James renewed my subscription to Bitch for a birthday present.  Very cool.  A magazine is the gift that keeps giving.  Very nice. 

Hang in with me.  I promise the other side of this transition will prove fruitful for lesbian corresponding.