I had a perfect glass of iced tea this weekend. 

Ledcat and I toodled up California Avenue to Brighton Heights in order to pick up a very generous donation the Vault had made to support a fair housing project.  Being generous in return (and hungry), we stopped for a snack.  Laura had a bottled raspberry soda. I had iced tea.  It was just the right amount of steep!  With just the right amount of ice!  It was the perfect quench on a Saturday afternoon in July.

Could it get better? Oh, but yes.  We ordered the hummus plate and received these warm, luscious, and thick chunks of bread.  The hummus itself was great, but the awesomeness of the bread just put it over the top.  I mean we were licking our fingers. The Vault easily puts both the Square Cafe and Mark Your Mark to shame for their carb-free hummus plates.  Note to both -- veggies good, bread more good.

The head Vault guy was really nice to us and was saying great things about other independent coffee houses in the area.  He also told us all of the baked goods are made by his baker-person three or four days a week.  The cookie I sampled (just to be polite) was delish, but he advised coming back on a Tuesday for the freshest of the goods.

It is a nifty space and very comfortable.  I kind of felt like I was in a club smashed into a garage, but in a good way.  This may sound odd, but it felt like a guy's coffeehouse.  One that lets in girls, but there's a definite testosterone flair to it.  Which is good.  I was totally comfortable.  But you know what I mean?  Flair!

So go to The Vault.  It is easy to find from 65 and there's plenty of street parking.  Order iced tea and the hummus plate.  Savor the bread.  You won't regret it.