For those following the saga of my contact with the Allegheny County Democratic Committee ...

I spoke directly with Tiffany at the ACDC yesterday morning.  She clarified the names and contact information for my committefolks. I asked her what their duties are and explained that I've never had any political contact with them (no contact at all with one). She told me she would mail the handbook out and asked me to read it over then call her back if I find that my committefolks have not been living up to their responsibilities.

Whew.  Sooo, I'm waiting for the handbook.  Unfortunately, it is not online.  The ACDC website could use some work  - it is very boring and staid.  Surely, there's some loyal Democrat they could contract with to redesign it (perhaps a political junkie)? 

I'm not really intending to diss my committeefolks b/c I bet they are no better or worse than others.  But how do we bring about change if we don't take a close look at what isn't working for the best interests of the party AND the residents of the county?