Ledcat informs that the ACDC has returned my telephone call and left the names of my comitteefolks on our voice mail.  One is the lady I identified in my earlier post.  I'll learn the other person's identity tomorrow when I get back to da 'burgh.

I am going to call them back and find out what their version of the committeefolks responsibilities are to date.  So they did call.

You know who didn't call?  The probation officer of the dude on house arrest two doors down from me.  The one who throws his vodka bottles all over our property among many other infractions.

You know who hasn't been helpful with that situation?  Our elected Democrats.  Except for Brenda Frazier.  The one who wasn't endorsed by the ACDC.  She's being helpful. 

So now I want to know if quality of life issues factored in the committefolks votes.