Quick post about 2007 PrideFest.  Luke showed up.  Point for him.

Then during his speech, he said something to the effect that as a 27 year old mayor he, like gay people, understands what it is like not to be accepted. 

No exact quote because I almost choked and dropped my pen.  I asked around and the impression was clearly that he implied that the struggle for acceptance of a 27 year old, upper-middle-class, white, college-educated, Catholic, married, son of local prominent fathers, and, uh, heterosexual man is pretty much the same as the struggle we here in the gay community face. 

He made Jim Motznik's annual "I love my gay brother" speech seem positively enlightened. 

There's more, but I'll save the rest of my disssection for tomorrow. 

If anyone knows why Dan Frankel and Chelsa Wagner didn't show, please let me know.  They are both signed onto the legislation expanding discrimiation protections to the LGBT communities, so I was surprised they didn't show.  Especially Frankel.