NOTE:  The first edition of this post switched the district races around.  I apologize for the ridiculous mistake and can only claim that the lack of coffee made me do it.  It goes to show that people ARE paying attention. 


None received the ACDC endorsement so I didn't get to sing their praises in previous posts.  But I should have because these three people running on a local level can make a tremendous difference for our community.  Kraus is gay, Arnet and Dowd are not.  But all are committed to a progressive fairness that bodes well for minority groups in the region. 

Kraus is running for City Council -  Southside, Allentown, Knoxville, Beltzhoover, etc.  He's taking on incumbent Jeff Koch.  Koch is the guy who finagled the Redd Up crew into wearing his campaign tee shirts while on the job.  Working for the city.  Nice.  He is feeling the heat.  Email everyone you know in this district and tell 'em to vote for Kraus.

Heather Arnet is running for School Board in District 2 (Lawrenceville, Highland Park).  The lesbians love Heather.  She is progressive, fair and a visionary.  Her commitment to girls has been amply demonstrated by her wonderful work with the Women and Girls Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Heather has been endorsed by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Gertude Stein Club as well as highly recommended by the Steel-City Stonewall Democrats.  Vote for Heather on Tuesday.  Tell your friends in her district to vote for her.  Email them right now.  Don't wait. 

This is definitely our guy.  A proven progressive while on the School Board, Dowd has run an excellent campaign.  His opponent is incumbent Len Bodack - Highland Park, Polish Hill, Stanton Heights, Lawrenceville, Bloomfield.  Bodack came to a LGBT forum and said he is opposed to gay marriage because of his religious beliefs. Classic old school politics -- why would we vote for someone like that?

The opponents of all three of these individuals have NOTHING to offer the gay community in terms of policy or innovations to serve our families.  We need to be part of the change that is going to move Pittsburgh forward.  The status quo is not sufficient. 

Email your friends in these areas.  Call your mother, your sister, your best friend and ask them to vote for candidates that respect and value the LGBT community. 

And, most of all, pay attention.