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View Article  Gay news from across the land ...

The absurd ...a father is suing an Arkansas library because his sons "stumbled across" the Whole Lesbian Sex Book which disturbed them greatly.  I believe the quote is that they had two sleepless nights at his house.  Hmm ...

The ridiculous ...Rudy Guiliani does a big and very public flipflop on civil unions.  In case you weren't keeping track, he was for them before he was against them.  Pam's House Blend has the audiotape of Rudy discussing his "for them" stance back in 2003.  When he wasn't running for President and courting the fundies.

The good ...New York's Governor has filed a bill to legalize gay marriage.

The joyful ...

CONCORD, N.H. -- The Rev. V. Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church, says he and his partner of 18 years will be among the couples taking advantage of New Hampshire's soon-to-be-signed civil unions law.

I'm not even going to spoil the joy of their announcement by contemplating how Bishop Duncan and Archbishop Akinola must be spinning in their sanctuaries ...

Speaking of Nigeria ...a lesbian who married four women (as in took them as her wives, not performed the ceremony) has gone in hiding because she's facing imprisonment. 

The ugly ...Poland.  Censured by the EU for promoting homophobia, the Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski is speaking out in favor of repressive school based legislation that would make homosexual propaganda illegal.  Here's the best part courtesy of Europe's gay news service:

"Nobody is limiting gay rights in Poland," Mr Kaczynski said.

"However, if we're talking about not having homosexual propaganda in Polish schools, I fully agree with those who feel this way.

"Such propaganda should not be in schools; it definitely doesn't serve youth well.

"It's not in the interests of any society to increase the number of homosexuals, that's obvious."

Not limiting gay rights indeed. I'm planning my trip to Poland right now.

View Article  Sobering news for gays in Iraq

Courtesty of Pam's House Blend:

"In the past three months, more than 30 gays have been executed in Baghdad. The bodies have been found tortured, mutilated - sometimes with signs of rape," said Mustafa Salim, spokesman for the Rainbow for Life Organisation (RLO), a Baghdad-based gay rights NGO.

"Notes were found near some of the bodies with messages saying that this is going to be the fate for any Muslim who denies the Islamic religion," Salim added.

"The gay community continues to be subjected to systematic terror by Shia militias, especially the Mahdy Army controlled by the religious leader Muqtada al-Sadr. The government of Iraq is refusing to offer protection," he added.

In an interview, one member of the Mahdy Army, Ali Hassany, said that the militia will target Iraq's gays and lesbians. "They deserve death. Those people are an embarrassment to our society. Killing such people is a job for their families, but if they cannot do so by their own hands, we will do it," Hassany said.

Pam's blogger Radical Russ has this to add:

The difference between the Mahdi Army and the Family Research Council?  The Mahdi Army knows they can get away with it.

Anyone surprised?  On the one hand, it makes me appreciate the many freedoms I have as a queer woman living in the United States of America.  On the other hand, it makes me fear the devastation if the Chrisot-fascists come to power and turn us completely into a theocracy.  Our Christian allies can only protect us so much.

Very humbling.

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