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A bloodthirsty homophobic Ugandan government has stood quietly by while the President's brother outs gays, lesbians and bisexuals in an attempt to rid the nation of the sin of homosexuality.

Under the headline, ?Kampala?s Notorious Lesbians Unearthed?, the sleazy tabloid published a photo of two very beautiful unnamed women embracing at a party.

The article urged readers to phone the newspaper with details of any lesbians they know:

?To rid our motherland of the deadly vice (lesbianism), we are committed to exposing all the lesbos in the city. Send more names us (sic) the name and occupation of the lesbin (sic) in your neighbourhood and we shall shame her,? Red Pepper urged.

They previously outed 40 gay and bisexual men.  Many are now in hiding for fear of their lives.  Others have been turned away from their families, lost their jobs and homes and been shunned by their communities.

Modern day witch hunts. 

This is the very sort of thing we joke about here in the US along with reeducation camps, forced sham marriages, etc.  It seems so impossible. 

But then you read that the executive director of the NJ State Democratic Committee (yes DEMOCRATIC) referred to a transgender person as "that." (go read the transcript, its rather vile).

And the openly gay Minnesota State Senator voting to protect traditional marriage.  He's a Republican.  Maybe that explains it?