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View Article  Pope Benedict: Homosexuality is a roadblock to world peace

From the PG's Forum section comes this reflection on the pontifical peace perspective. 

On World Peace Day, Jan. 1, most of the world's citizens will be too poor, too hungry, too surrounded by violence or too worried by this century's other basic challenges to pay attention. Those who do pay attention likely will think first of war in places like Iraq and Eastern Congo, genocide in Sudan, a looming crisis in nuclear Pakistan and widespread poverty all over.

The spiritual leader of more than a billion of the world's people will be thinking about homosexuality.

Earlier this month, Pope Benedict XVI issued his message for World Peace Day. Entitled "The Human Family, A Community of Peace," the message argues that peace begins with the family. That's a reasonable point. But then the pope writes, "Everything that serves to weaken the family based on the marriage of a man and woman ... constitutes an objective obstacle on the road to peace."

Having implicitly named homosexuality as an obstacle to world peace in his fifth paragraph, the pope then waits until the seventh paragraph to mention the environment, the ninth to mention poverty and the second-to-last to mention war and violence.

Thankfully, Pope Benedict is wise to the ways of the Pink Menace.  

By using World Peace Day to promote an anti-homosexual agenda and to demote the importance of poverty, the environment and war, Pope Benedict XVI is behaving scarily like his predecessor of 100 years ago. It is easy to imagine in the coming years the arrival of more explicitly anti-gay encyclicals, oaths against homosexual-friendly scholarship and perhaps even secret informers.

The predecessor was Piux X who was more concerned with modernity and mixed (Catholic/non-Catholic) marriages than any mere trivialities such as looming war or natural disasters.  Pius even set up his own secret leauge of informers.  Cool.  Cause that never goes badly.

At this point in history, Pope Benedict XVI must choose his path. He can follow the paranoid, intolerant and inward-looking path of Pope Pius X. Or he can focus on the real problems of the day.

Pope John Paul II, no friend to homosexuals, focused most of his energy on building bridges across the Berlin Wall and then helping to prevent the Cold War from turning into World War III.

On World Peace Day 2008, our pope should imagine the place he might gain in history if he chooses to focus on poverty, the environment and war -- and while he's at it, on accepting the hundreds of millions of homosexuals inside and outside his flock. He may never condone their behavior -- sadly, such progress may have to wait for a future pope -- but he can at least treat them with peace and humanity.

Excellent point.  Until someone ponies up a real heterosexual marriage that has been negatively impacted by a gay relationship, how about we focus on the myriad of social problems that have been demonstrated to prevent world peace?  Or just one!  Pick one problem and then attempt one solution.  Like Bono.  Minus the cool, but add a gajillion dollars of weekly tithes. 

View Article  AFA of PA turn attention to national lesbian blogger

If anyone is hard at work on the homosexual agenda, it is Pam Spaulding.  Founder of Pam's House Blend, Spaulding works tirelessly to explore the true life of the contemporary LGBT community.  Her blog has received national recognition and attracts thousands of visitors each day.

Spaulding is also a contributing editor at other blogs, including Pandagon.  She recently posted about Pennsylvania's homegrown bigot, Diane Gramley of the American Family Association of PA.  Gramley has her knickers in a knot because State College recently expanded their proctected classes to include sexual orientation.

Why do these people lie continuously ? it?s like breathing to them. So where in any of these anti-discrimination measures does it require anyone to hire someone who is LGBT? The whole point is that these attributes are no hindrance to one?s ability to perform a job and that they must be considered equally or not singled out based on those attributes. And I don?t see Gramley calling for removal of protections based on religion from the list of protected classes, hmmm?

Good question.  The religious wingnuts spin spin spin these laws to serve their own fear based agenda ...think Santorum's slippery slope from gay marriage to man on dog relationships. 

Anyway, Gramley strikes back in a deliciously hypocritical way ... condeming Pam for allowing the address of a national anti-gay leader to remain on her blog for three weeks (Pam apologized) while publicizing Pam's employer in another paragraph.  She works for Duke University.  Could Ms. Gramley be encouraging her merry minions to protest to Duke?  I'm sure it has been done.

 This recent post about the AFA of PA and others further confirm
that homosexual activists who are calling for tolerance of their
lifestyle are many times the least tolerant of those who disagree
with them.

  Please continue praying for the AFA of PA and others who oppose
homosexual activists attempt to redefine America and her families.

This comes from an email press release that is not currently on the AFA of PA website. I've uploaded the text of her email. 

Tolerant. Eh. 

View Article  The Hot Metal Church: Traditional Anti-Gay Christianity Wrapped in Punk Rock Clothing?

I caught an article in the Post-Gazette about the impending relocation of a local non-traditional faith community  -- the Hot Metal Bridge Faith Community.  It seems someone sold the Goodwill Building so the Hot Metal folks are in search of a worship space.

The Hot Metal Community is more street than avenue.  Founded by two kind of irreverant preachers, the group ministers to the poor and attracts individuals who don't fit in with mainstream visions of Christianity. 

I had heard of this community and thought it was kind of cool to take a Christian message to the streets and use non-traditional means to help people access God.  I mistakenly assumed the church had a bit of a progressive bent. Until I read this passage in the article:

Hot Metal is theologically conservative but encourages open discussion of difficult issues. At Bible Fight Club, held in the basement of a tattoo parlor, participants must argue for their own interpretation of a divisive biblical issue.

"We try to foster dialogue. We work at how we can hold opposing views on things like homosexuality but still love each other and claim Jesus as Lord," Rev. Eddings said.

THINGS like homosexuality?  Huh.  Well, I guess if they get a chance to talk it out in Bible Fight Club then a little thing like oppressing an entire group of human beings based on an inherent part of their identity isn't anything to be worried about.  After all, they feed the hungry.  I wonder if there is a Christian equivalent to a carbon footprint -- 15 meals offsets one gut punch to a homosexual?

You know what I think?  The Hot Metal Faith Community is a tricked out version of Bishop Duncan's Episcopal Church --- give Peter Akinola some tattoos and a few piercings and he'd be right at home.  Actually, a better analogy might be the satire "Saved" which punctured the whole Christian teen-culture scene. 

I guess you can't judge a gay-ally by their tattoos. 

View Article  Merry Christmas

I really believe that this song inspired me to become a social worker.  Yes, I know that it is hokey and Eurocentric, but it is still my favorite holiday song and I get a little lump in my throat every time Bono urges me to thank god its them instead of me. 

Now I just found out there is an updated version.  I only recognize a few of the participants, but good for them for updating and shame on us for needing the update.

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