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View Article  City Paper Reader Ire Over Kennywood DeGaying Pirate Show

Woe to she who gets on the bad side of Janice Milliner of Buena Vista.  Janice got herself all worked up in response to news that Kennywood had changed homophobic content in their pirate show, thanks in large part to the efforts of one Mary Hawk

You may recall that Mary viewed the Kennywood show and took action at the content she found offensive by contacting management.  Management informed her they would need to hear from more folks.  So Mary took care of that.

Janice Milliner thinks Mary is a gossip on a "delusional crusade" because she, Janice, did not find the content homophobic:

I've seen the very show she protested. Her self-perception as a righteous advocate for what amounted to a humorous skit is really rather pathetic. My "gay" friends who viewed the show didn't even take offense to it!

If someone can explain that second sentence to me, I'd be thrilled.  Advocate for the skit?  Huh?  And what exactly is a "gay" friend -- effeminate men who walk around making the little quote signs with their fingers when they make witty comments?  Or should I say self-perceived witty comments.  Or self-perceived friends.  Or self-perceived ability to write a coherent letter to the editor.

So Janice disagrees with Mary that the content was homophobic.  Janice found it funny.  And she disagrees with Mary's tactic of spreading the word about an issue in which she believes.  Janice finds that gossipy.  She thinks Kennywood removed the content to appease homosexuals.  Janice finds that sad.

This is probably the most poorly written letter to the editor published by any local paper in the last six months.  Perhaps Janice should get some "literary" friends or maybe a "dictionary" instead of spending so much time at Kennywood gawking at gay pirates. 

Besides everyone know Johnny Depp's pirate is bi.  Whatever.

View Article  Ellwood City Man Calls a Bigot, a Bigot

Vince Avedon of Ellwood City knows bigotry when he reads about it. So he took a moment to call out President Bush's intent to veto the extension of hate crimes legislation to include homosexuals. 

President Bush said he will veto any bill that would include gays and lesbians in this existing hate crime law. His position is that there are already protections in place.
If that were the case, then why is there special legislation protecting race, color, religion, or national origin? Aren't there already laws on the books protecting people of race, religion, or national origin? The answer is pure bigotry from this administration against gay and lesbian Americans.

You nailed it, Vince.  Bush is in hot water and needs something to shore up his eroding popularity with the base. So, of course, he's going to clamber back up on the backs of the gays. 

Thanks for writing Vince. 

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