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View Article  The Pope didn't mean pregnancy, silly. He meant prostitution

Oh, for crying out loud.  Now the Pope is concerned about the lives of men who pay for sex with men who may be HIV+. 

Uh huh.

View Article  Pat Buchanan on DADT repeal

The Tribune Review does not disappoint with this op/ed piece from Pat Buchanan.  Here's a sample ...

A Democrat Congress, discharged by the voters on Nov. 2, has as one of its last official acts imposed its San Francisco values on the armed forces of the United States.

"Don't ask, don't tell" is to be repealed. Open homosexuals are to be welcomed in all branches of the armed services.

Let us hope this works out better for the Marine Corps than it did for the Catholic Church.

That's the best line.  I cringed for the good Catholics I know everywhere.  The rest of the piece his the usual low notes.  Sheesh.


View Article  History ...

View Article  Pgh Local Coverage of DADT Repeal
Has anyone caught local coverage, not simply reprints from national media sources? 
View Article  DADT Signing Twitter Feed

Take a look at who is included in those tweeting this historic day.  Read the victory intertwined with the "miles to go before we sleep" commentary. So much room for cooperative work without squashing opposing views. 








View Article  Brief Round Up

NYC is planning major cuts to funding for homeless youth programs.  Great.

Here's some insight into Lt. Dan Choi's status in the LGBT community with the repeal of DADT.

More insight from the Tribune Review on the repeal of DADT. It is a New York piece.  Still waiting for local insight. 

There isn't a lot of local coverage. 




View Article  Bah Humbug

Great work project, but I missed out on the denouement because of illness.  I brought it on myself by not setting better boundaries, but I'm more than a little angry and hurt.  That's part of life and part of the human connection that binds gay folks with straight folks -- we feel things, we ache, we celebrate, we love, we mourn. 

This past month, the wife of Ledcat's brother made it clear that I am not her sister-in-law.  Ouch.  Eight Christmases and I'm just extended family.  Treated politely, but not preferentially.  Sigh.  That really hurts.  Two other former friends really dropped the ball, too.  Timing, as they say, is everything. 

I am very anti-Christmas this year.  The project consumed my life for 5 weeks and now I'm ready to move on to debriefing and planning for next year.  That excites me.  Stocking stuffers do not.  I used to really like that, but now I'm just hoping to find a take out turkey dinner from Boston Market on xmas eve so I can enjoy the best part of the holiday - food.  :-) 

I realize I didn't adopt anyone. I wanted to not play favorites and knew I would go overboard so I held back.  Maybe that was a mistake. 

Anyway, the good news is that I'm looking forward to January! 

View Article  The repeal of DADT

I have to make some sort of comment on this historic day.  Today, the Senate voted to approve a stand alone bill that repeals the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.  President Obama has promised to sign this week. 

This is a significant piece of civil and equal rights advancement for the LGBTQ community.  Ledcat says that the importance lies in the military culture which is more conservative than the general population.  The integration of openly LGBTQ persons into the military is a big stepping off point for the attainment of other civil rights.  It is a significant litmus test for continuing culture shifts. 

She wrote a paper in law school on this very topic in 1990 so it is also the fulfillment of something she has followed for years. 

I don't profess to know how LGBTQ military feel tonight.  I have had contact with advocates and activists who have been shedding tears.  And I've been pondering what to say myself.  There's a lot to be said.  Thanks to those who drove this, appreciation for individuals like Senator Webb from VA who opened their minds and changed their votes, thanks for the strengthening of our defense and the safety of my brothers and sisters in the military.

There are political lessons that strike close to home - Pat Toomey's support of repeal, WV Senator Manchin's lack of support. 

There's a lot to understand, my friends.  Gay folks can't come out tomorrow.  It has to be signed into law and an implementation timeframe identified.  There will be backlash. Complications will emerge regarding spousal benefits and so forth. 

But, it is a good night to be gay in America.

View Article  Good Burgh News

It is 7:15 AM on the day of a work event and I'm blogging.  I should be rushing around panicking about my clothes and trying to get the dry cleaner plastic off my winter coat ...

The Pennsylvania Resources Council, Alcoa and Manchester would like the Steeler Nation to recycle. They provide the bags, the volunteers and the fun "toss em" games to encourage participation.  Great idea, hope it works and hope the Steelers get behind it.  I also hope is spreads into the neighborhood informal lots where the trash is hideous.  What a great opportunity to show community investment and probably not that much money for the PR. 

(Plus, I saw in the article that they give away the big blue bags which are hard to find these days.  We have to go to Camp Horne Giant Eagle to get them.  Why is that?)

Call it intuition or paying attention, but folks in the Mon Valley know what they know and they know that "clusters" of folks are getting cancer and other illnesses in disproportionate numbers. I grew up in West Mifflin, less than a mile from a steel mill.  I know almost everyone *I* grew up with has a breathing disorder.  Mine is officially called asthma secondary to rhinitis, but it means a daily pill and some of those panic moments when I can't catch my breath.  Losing almost 50 lbs didn't make a bit of difference. 

Interestingly, my father who works (still) in the mills (a coke plant!) is very healthy at the age of 70.  My mother has a range of illnesses, but no cancer so far. 

On with the day ...

View Article  Why Young Christians Deserting Churches Might be Gay Related

Reverend Howard Bess, Baptist pastor from Alaska, has this to say in the Post-Gazette:

Churches are no longer leaders in broad moral and ethical discussions. Young people have grown weary of churches that cannot get past issues such as homosexuality and abortion.

Our new crop of church drop-outs is still very interested in alternatives to a selfish, hedonistic society. Justice is high on their agenda, and they are looking for opportunities for public service. Our young people want to be involved in solving environmental problems and in peacemaking.

By contrast, pizza parties and rock concerts -- techniques that have been used to make churches appear more relevant to the young -- are not high on the agenda of young people concerned about society's deep-seated problems.

In other words, too many churches are concerned about same-sex marriage when the preacher should be talking about the unacceptability of war.

How refreshing to see the context properly adjusted.  War is destroying marriages, families and humanity.  Same sex marriage is not.  I love that this retired Pastor gets it. 

I'm no longer young (40 this year), but I'm searching for similar things in a church.  I want the justice side of Jesus and a pastor who can talk with me without quoting long Scriptures or telling me what Paul experienced.  Just talk with me about my life in the larger context.  Don't force me into a box. Invite me into the fold. 

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