SueCat Social Media is available for a range of collaborative opportunities with for and non profit partners.  If you are interested in connecting with a progressive, pro-LGBTQ audience and/or a general Pittsburgh base, we might be a good fit for you.

These opportunities include:

  • Product and event reviews
    • We want to fully experience your product so we do not return products. Event reviews require at least two complimentary admissions or media admissions.
  • Social media sponsorships for events and activities
    • We will provide social media touts, blog posts and other activities to promote your event. Much like a ‘media sponsor’ package which provides ads/commercials.
  • Sponsored blog posts
    • We do NOT accept unsolicited blog posts, but we will consider writing our own blog post for sponsors. We maintain full editorial control over the content, including links, and have a strict disclosure policy.
  • Live blogging or live tweeting/Facebooking at your event or activity
    •  We’ll set up onsite to provide moment by moment coverage of your event. We can do this using our tools or by ‘taking over’ your tools for that period of time.
  • Product Giveaways
    • Giveaways of products, passes, tickets, etc can be arranged. Sponsor will be fully responsible for postage. We will not release data from entrants beyond the individual who wins the giveaway.
  • Interviews
    • We often do email interviews with emerging artists and performers who are touring in Pittsburgh. Our distinctive Q&A style gives your client a chance to share their unique voice with our readers. We do require a copy of the latest album/book, etc as well as a +1 promotional admission to the local event.
  • Other Options
    • Promotional touts (tweets, FB status updates, etc)
    • Blogger events
    • Share your idea with us
  • Read our disclosures here.

We are also available for ongoing social media management with a range of service from individualized tutoring on how to use the tools to regular content creation and monitoring. Please visit us at for more information.

About us.

As of May 2017, this is our social media profile across all of our channels. While we do have a physical presence in Pittsburgh, many of our connections are located around the country.  This information will be updated to reflect significant changes. Please check out accounts individually if you want the most up-to-date data.

  • Monthly Page Views – 36,000
  • Facebook Connections – 8,000+
  • Twitter Connection – 7,500+
  • LinkedIN Connections – 3,000+
  • Instagram Connections – 1,200+
  • Klout Score – 63

For more information, please contact us at sue (at)