Facemask Q&A with Goblin Girl Designs’ Lori Korchok

Goblin Girl Designs

It is not my place to decide who should wear what colors. Self expression is so important. It makes us unique, so who am I to say what colors are assigned to which genders? One important part of the Pittsburgh MasQUe ProjecT is highlighting safe and affirming places for trans and queer folx to purchase […]

PiTTsburgh MasQUe ProjecT – Connecting Trans & Queer Folx with Face Masks

Update as of December 5, 2020: Distributed 10,000+ masks. This is a joint effort of this blog, Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents, and TransPride Pittsburgh to connect our LGBTQIA+ neighbors with face mask resources that are free or paid but identified LGBTQ allies. If you need a face mask in Pittsburgh, you are in the right place. […]

Why We Offer Giveaways

I Love Giveaways

So why is a lesbian blog doing “giveaways?”  It began several years ago when I was approached to participate in media night for Cirque du Soleil and give away a pair of passes. It was fun! I wrote about the show and that was that. Since then we’ve been approached several times. I’ve blogged about […]