HandMade Arcade: Cool Crafts or Conspicuous Creation?

Ledcat and I rolled into Point Breeze today for the Handmade Arcade which is giant fair of handmade stuff held at Construction Junction. Last year, I enjoyed the event with a few reservations, most notably about my number one bitch — gigunda baby strollers.  This year, the event was spread over two days and we intentionally […]

Weekend at BJ’s (Wedding) – the proof is in the love, not the orientation

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

I'm blogging from a Holiday Inn on Long Island where I've been ensconsed for the wedding of my college roommate, BJ, and her now-husband Ron.  I flew into JFK and discovered that one of my bags went missing, thankfully not the one with my wedding attire.  I was not in the wedding party, but showing […]

An Open Letter to H’s Mom Regarding Homophobia

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Dear H's Mom, Congratulations on raising spunky, articulate and polite daughter.  As you know, she took the time to post a comment on this blog several months ago, sharing her thoughts on the Upper St. Clair performance of “The Importance of Being Earnest” and the potential for homophobia.  Unlike most of those who comment here, she […]

Gene Collier on gays in sports

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

In today's Post-Gazette, the inimitable Gene Collier takes a shot at figuring at the implication of Penn State's homoconnection to basketball.  Actually, he contrasts the settlement of Jennifer Harris' lawsuit citing PSU coach Rene Portland's homobigotry with the coming out of former PSU bball player John Amaechi. Let me summarize  – the fact that Amaechi […]

Trib Column: Conservative Says Marriage Amendment is a Bad Idea

I missed this, but on Thursday the Trib published a column by Jim Powell, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute (limited government, free markets, etc).  Powell explains how federal regulation of marriage proved to be a bad conservative idea back in the days of Theodore Roosevelt.  Polygamous families were producing more children than monogamous families […]