A group of volunteers has put together a one-day event to target feral and homeless cats in the Northside neighborhood of Manchester for Trap, Neuter/Spay, Vaccinate, Release (TNVR) supports in partnership with the mobile veterinary clinic, Fix’n Wag’n.

Our goal is to TNVR 20-50 cats from our neighborhood and nearby communities. I call it a mini-mass trapping effort. Keeping the geographic focus tight helps us to have a big impact on a small area and perhaps give colony caretakers a chance to actually get ahead on some blocks.


  • One female cat produces an average of six kittens each year. Male cats can produce countless kittens. If we TNVR at least 20, we will prevent the birth of at least 120 homeless kittens over the next six months. Female cats can be pregnant as young as four months and even nursing cats can be pregnant.
  • Altered cats are less rambunctious, destructive, and driven by instinct. If they have caretakers who give them food and water as well as provide shelters, the cats aren’t driven to knock over trash cans or otherwise desperately search for food.
  • The cats do continue to hunt rodents and vermin.
  • Caretakers often establish good enough relationships to be able to get the cats vaccinations updated regularly or tend to any injuries or illness.

Manchester’s proximity to the river, to SCI, and to lots of abandoned spots for cats to be dumpted means we will never be done with TNVR, but it we work together – we can find humane solutions that benefit everyone.

How does the CatTrap work?

Volunteers and colony caretakers will trap cats a few days ahead of our scheduled vet clinic. They will spend the night in secure spaces with access to food and water. On the day of the clinic, volunteers will transport cats from their holdover spots to the Fix’n Wag’n on McKnight Road in Ross Township. They will be vetted by the FnWn team and later in the afternoon, ready to be transported back to their holding stations. Cats that are deemed social or kittens will be connected with rescue groups that have slots. Otherwise, after a night to recover, the cats will be released back to their trapping location on Sunday and Monday. Any cats that need more veterinary care will be addressed on a case by case basis.

What about the food distribution?

Neighbors with dogs and cats will sign up ahead of time. Volunteers will deliver the food during the day on Saturday. Because of COVID-19,  we are not permitting anyone to pickup in person. We can use your support with a donation of cat or dog food. We will prioritize Manchester residents who sign up, but will include other Northsiders and rescue groups.

Can I volunteer?

You bet – sign up here and read all about it.

I have stray cats in the alley behind my house. Can you trap them?

Maybe. Ideally, we need someone to commit to feed the cats when they are returned. You can contact us to discuss what that means. But by all means, please contact us to let us know that cats are there. They could be part of someone else’s colony. Contact us at pghcatladies@gmail.com

I’m willing to learn, but don’t know how to trap?

Watch this space – we have a training planned. And you can always work with an experienced trapper.

Why did you pick Manchester? 

This is my home – I’ve lived here for 16 years. I have two colonies and foster cats as well. I realized that trapping one by one is not efficient, that a coordinated effort would be more effective. I also wanted to incorporate a food drive to show investment in the humans and their pets who live here as well. The community cats aren’t going anywhere so finding ways to live in harmony is the smart thing to do.

How can I help?

Each cat TNVR is $70. Sponsoring a cat or part of the TNVR is a huge help. You can donate multiple ways

Venmo @pghlesbian

CashApp @pghlesbian


GoFundMe https://gofund.me/586cf6bc

Our petfood wishlist is at http://bit.ly/DrRuffingPetFood

or you can drop food directly at Mr. Sign on Western Avenue during business hours

Join us on our facebook group Pittsburgh Northside Cat Ladies

I Still Have Questions?

Reach out to us via email pghcatladies@gmail.com

Who are your sponsors?

Fix’n Wag’n and Kitty Queen Rescue

State Representative Emily Kinkaid

State Senator Wayne Fontana

Dravosburg Veterinary Hospital

Mr. Sign

Animal Friends

Humane Animal Rescue

No Dog Left Behind