A nice editorial in the PG on the unacceptable plan to roll out the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell "slowly."

Delay will only foster uncertainty and resentment. Theoretically, gay servicemen and -women could still be dismissed under the old law while the new one is pending. The sooner this is completed, the better for everyone.

Excellent point.  Equality rolls along at such a slow pace, far more slowly than public opinion.  I recently joined a group made up of people I don't know.  I wasted no time talking about Ledcat in the same way the others discussed their spouses.  Not a peep of dissent or a rolling of the eye.  In fact, people comment on our relationship as an example of doing things right.  It is out of context here, but the example goes to show that most people embrace or don't care. 

Wake up, military leaders.  Welcome to 2011.