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View Article  Rob Rogers on the Republican Response to FoleyGate

From the PG

View Article  CBS Blogs Ban Use of Word "Gay"

This is odd and ridiculous.  The blogs on the CBS news website automatically filter obscentities, derogatory language and so forth.  Apparently, that list includes the word "gay" which appears as ***. 

Huh.  Now we are being identity stripped in the name of good taste.  Huh.

View Article  Gay Shout Out To Tony Norman

Much belated congrats to PG columnist, editoral person and all around great guy Tony Norman for receiving the Best Column Award from the Pittsburgh Black Media Federation for "Sad Irony of Blacks as Bigots on Gay Rights"

Since when is it moral to obey a cease-and-desist order from those who interpret others' strides toward freedom as less legitimate than their own?

As King proved with countless sermons, no group has a monopoly on suffering. All culturally determined redemption songs are part of humanity's collective blessing.

The awards:

The awards recognize print, photography and broadcast journalism in Western Pennsylvania that best illustrates the diversity and fullness of life for black Americans.

Yeah I'm late on this one, but we need some good news and I just heard a lovely round of Tonyisms on KDKA this evening as part of the Free For All Fridays on John McIntire's radio program.  You can never praise an ally too much.  Even if he is a breeder.

View Article  Pittsburgh Presbytery: No Sexually Active Homos Allowed

From the PG:

In response to a national church decision that appears to allow local option on the ordination of sexually active gay clergy, Pittsburgh Presbytery declared yesterday that it will continue to accept only clergy who "live either in fidelity within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman or chastity in singleness." It also reiterated a prohibition on its clergy conducting marriages for same-sex couples.

That's our options.  Switch teams or remain chaste. 

The Rev. Jim Glatz, pastor of Union Presbyterian Church, compared clear standards on sexual behavior to the effort to keep fire in a fireplace, instead of allowing it to burn down the house. He alluded to ministries destroyed by clergy sexual misconduct.

"Sex is a good gift of a loving God that needs to be kept within the loving union of a man and a woman," he said.

Forcing homosexuals to be chaste by denying them marriage is a nice sidestep. Don't ask, don't pray?  Don't ask, don't bless?  Don't ask, don't fear?  Which is it ....

Perhaps Reverend Glatz should put a bit more of his energies into taming the out of control heterosexuals in his pastoral areas and less into demonizing homosexuals.  Where's the fun in that?

View Article  Things We Missed

I have been brought to my knees by a mighty round of ailment and have barely touched a computer over the past two weeks.  Thanks for all the inquiring and encouraging emails.  It is nice to be missed. :-)

I'm sure you've caught most of this but I'll do a quick round up of some things that may have slipped beneath your radar.

Mark Foley - Scummy pedophile hiding behind alcoholism, history of abuse and the turmoil of being gay?  Boo fucking hoo.  On behalf of alcoholics, victims of abuse, homosexuals and all of our families, grow a pair and take responsibility for being a fucking pedophile.  As for Hastert and all the rest, are you really surprised at their desperate desire to cover this up and somehow blame the homosexuals --- the Catholics have been doing this same maneuver for years.  And its pathetic to consider abolishing the page program to "protect the children."   Even the Catholics didn't go that far. 

The always eloquent LA Johnson wrote a two-part series for the Post-Gazette about  a local woman, Dannylee Mitchell, who is suing her former employer for discrimination. Dannylee is a transgender woman and believes she was dismissed because of her gender identity rather than her work performance.  This is an amazing little series, very brave and forthright.  I have never met Dannylee, but I admire her courage in sharing so much of her inner life with Post-Gazette readers.  Go check it out.

Reverend Janet Edwards published an Op-Ed piece on her struggle with the Presbyterian Church over performing a wedding for two women.  She explains why she is pleading innocent.   Here's the backstory on our coverage of Janet's situation.

The Lesbian and Gay Film Festival opens this month.

Former Whitehall native James Yearsley now of Tampa wrote in a lovely little anti-gay diatribe to the Post-Gazette that was only printed in the online edition.  Don't ask, Don't tell, Mr. Yearsley opines, keeps the military blood supply HIV free.  Good to know, Jim. 

Contrary to reports from the PA Department of Education, incidents of bullying is significantly high for gay and lesbian students.  A report from GLSEN indicates that 80% of respondents had heard homphobic language in school.   Only 12% of Pennsylvania schools have Gay Straight Alliances in comparison with 22% of schools nationwide.  GSA's are an important tool in addressing homophobic harassment and bullying.

I'm sure there are stories I missed, but they'll resurface soon I am sure.  Enjoy this beautiful day!

View Article  Pittsburgh Protestors Force Jeb Bush Into Closet

Now that's the kind of headline to start your Saturday morning. 

Jeb Bush rolled into town for a Santorum fundraiser at the Duquesne Club (no word on whether Sienne Miller was in attendance).  He encountered some protestors near Sixth and Liberty.

Demonstrating the further stagnation of the Bush gene pool, Jeb blew the protestors a kiss.  Does he think he's Liz Taylor for crying out loud? 

So they chased him.  The PG account is filled with delightful phrases like "scurried" and "slow retreat" and "Mr. Bush was cornered."  But far and away this is the best part of the entire article:

As a precaution, the governor was ushered into a T-station supply closet and stayed there until the crowd left.

 They drove him into the supply closet while Port Authority police tasered a few folks and dispersed the crowd.  No arrests. 

Here's my question -- if the crowd's behavior requires the use of force (taser), why no citations?  Or was this just about felling some protestors to free Jeb Bush from his closet? The homo in my would normally find that compelling, but I'd frankly rather Jeb stay in the supply closet and stay the hell out of Pittsburgh.  Blowing kisses and going underground is simply not done here in the 'burgh.

Who investigates Port Authority use of force?  Who investigates Jeb Bush's crowd control tactics?  Who unlocked the closet door? 

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