Susan Kerr v. Allegheny County, et al: A federal lawsuit alleging violations of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Susan Kerr v. Allegheny County, et al.,  


Last year, LGBTQ activist and writer, Susan “Sue” Kerr suffered an inexcusable violation of her civil rights when multiple officials deliberately disregarded established processes meant to protect  those who are involuntarily committed under false pretenses in order to be removed from their  homes or otherwise deprived of their property. As a result of these officials’ failures, Ms. Kerr  was locked out of her home of over 18 years and was not able to return for 196 days. Earlier this  week, my firm and I filed a federal lawsuit on Ms. Kerr’s behalf alleging violations of the  Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and the Americans with Disabilities Act.  This lawsuit is meant to seek justice for the violation of Ms. Kerr’s rights, but, also, in the hope of  preventing others from suffering the same fate due to the failures of officials entrusted with  upholding the law.  

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