Blog, #AMPLIFY and Sue Featured in Northside Chronicle

I’m going super-meta here, blogging about the interview I gave to a local reporter for The Northside Chronicle.

When Sarah Gross contacted me via email to request an interview, it was near Pride and I was immediately skeptical. I had turned down a half-dozen requests to talk – yet again – about the Delta Foundation, a topic that has been reported to death and just needs to play itself out as they fold in on themselves.

Anyway, I was skeptical, but Sarah was persistent and clarified that the new editor wanted a feature story about ME. Wow, that was pretty cool.

So we met at Arnold’s Tea House.  We had a great chat. I learned Sarah is a writing student and interning at The Northside Chronicle. She was terrific. You can follow her on Twitter @SeraMichellie – I’m not being falsely modest when I say how flattering it is to be part of someone’s first anything. She’ll always remember this. That’s really special. I’m not sure I’m the topic that should be a first anything, but I’m honored nonetheless. And she inspired me to take a look at some online creative and non-fiction writing classes.

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