Live Blogging My Tuesday Afternoon

3:15 PM Leave office and drop promotional literature off at several local businesses.  Buy King Cake to share with office on Wednesday. 

4:00 PM Arrive at Hoi Polloi.  Artfully distribute promotional literature.  Meet Jessica's other brother.  Realize lack of eating since dinner on Monday so order curried pumpkin soup and grilled cheese sandwich. 

4:15 PM Finish eating.  Soup is OMG. 

4:30 PM Read text of HB 1400 that was helpfully sent to me by Dan Frankel's staff.  Try to find exactly how religious organizations get exempted from discriminating against queer people.  Get confused.

4:45 PM Order a coffee beverage to kick start analytical skills.  Delicious.  Still confused.

4:50 PM  Email contacts in gay politics to ask for help.  Email Frankel's people for explanation.  Email high school buddy to set up coffee date.

4:54 PM  Support local business and local agricultural industry by ordering muffin. 

4:55 PM No response from contacts in gay politics.  Still confused.  Coffee beverage still very hot.