Beaver County Man – Society Sissified by Affirmative Action

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What with all the weather and all, I missed this little gem of a letter in the Beaver County Times that was penned by Paul Kisiday of Freedom (ironic, no?).  Paul decries the sissification of contemporary society as exemplified by complaints over Super Bowl ads.  It seems that all the furor over distraught robots, homoerotic […]

The Slippery Slope of Intolerance and Second-Class Status Leads to Death of 72 Year Old Gay Bashing Victim

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Andrew Anthos, a 72 year old Michigan gay man who was viciously beaten with a pipe outside his apartment, has died from his injuries.  He survived for several days, paralyzed and barely able to breathe.  Here's my post on the original attack. This man was riding home from the public library on a public bus.  […]

Local queer youth explore issues of faith through drama troupe

The Post-Gazette has a thoughtful piece on Dreams of Hope, a local drama troupe for LGBTQ teens and their allies.  Their performance theme this year is “Gay Youth in Good Faith.” “One of the biggest themes is the personal issue of sin, of how something that is so natural and doesn't seem like a bad […]

Will Luke Ravenstahl attend Steel City Stonewall (Gay) Democrats Pgh Candidates Forum

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Maybe its just me, but isn't the mayoral race important to the region, too?  Luke Ravenstahl isn't exactly Mr. Progressive per 2 Political Junkies on issues like choice, contraception, free speech, open government, blah, blah, blah.  I know the muckety muck rich Riccardi loving homos embrace these Social Conservative Democrats for all they are worth, but […]

Detroit – 72 year old man beaten senseless, left paralyzed because he’s gay

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Some sick freak beat up a 72 year old man in Detroit.  With a pipe.  Because he thought the man was gay.  Now he's paralyzed and reported to be slipping away. The victim, Andrew Anthos (right), was riding a city bus back to his residence at Detroit's Windsor Tower apartments on Feb. 13 when another […]

Thanks, Tim Hardaway.

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Check this aht … Last week, Tim Hardaway declared his hatred of gay people. Gay people should be thankful.

Does Luke Ravenstahl Want To Grow Up To Be Jeff Verszyla?

Lesbian Correspondent Wrests Control of Queer Reporting Back From Upstart Middle Age White Guy

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

We here at Lesbian Central are pleased that our good friend and all-around groovy middle aged white guy John McIntire wants to expand his repetoire of gay jokes beyond the phrase “butt fuck.”  He now seems hung up on kissing (lesbian kissing, Snickers eatin' men kissing, Ravenstahl's ass kissing …) but that's movement in the […]

How Long Until Hardaway Ends Up In Rehab?

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“I don't hate gay people,” [Tim] Hardaway said. “I'm a goodhearted person. I interact with people all the time. … I respect people. For me to say 'hate' was a bad word, and I didn't mean to use it.” That's apology-take two.  He didn't mean to hate on us.  And he's surprised at the reaction […]