Art All Night Bans All Weapons at Community Art Event

Some good news from Art All Night, a community art event held annually each spring in Lawrenceville. They have put an official no-weapons policy in place, for volunteers and the public. No guns – permit or not. As you may recall, last year we found a volunteer openly carrying a handgun in his waistband. From
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LGBTQ Liberation and Equality in Pittsburgh

The road to equality and/or liberation is bumpy. I use the term “equality and/or liberation” because the juxtaposition of those goals (destinations?) indicates one significant reason for the bumpiness. Indiana and Arkansas happened this week. A lot of my friends (including me) tried to figure out the nuances of RFRA laws, something that only became
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A Reel Take: Boys (Jongens)

  Dutch director Mischa Kamp’s 2014 feature film, Boys (Jongens) is a quiet reflection on two teenage boys first loves. The film was originally created for television and this doesn’t show at all, it’s far from the content that i remember seeing as a young teenager watching after school specials. In many ways the “made-­for-­TV” feeling of the
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Giveaway: Derek Bishop Album ‘Bicycling in Quicksand’

Enter to win Bicycling in Quicksand from Derek Bishop! Derek Bishop is an openly gay singer-singwriter  with an electro-pop sound with a 60s/70s vibe. This album is fun and a little trippy, upbeat and self-aware without being incessantly electronica. Bicycling In Quicksand the brand-new album from out artist DEREK BISHOP Featuring “Baggage” and “Shutting Down”
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Review: Royal Myanmar in West View

Living in Manchester on Pittsburgh’s North Side, we are very fortunate to have several varieties of Asian/Asian-American cuisine available within a 10-15 minute drive, including Indian, Nepalese, Thai and Cambodian as well as multiple Chinese restaurants with different regional emphasis. So we were pleased to learn about a relatively new location serving Burmese cuisine. Royal
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An Open Letter to @ColinMeloy About #Bisexual Jokes

Dear Colin, Last night, I was in the audience for The Decemberists Pittsburgh concert at The Benedum. The crowd numbered about 2,800 and the house was sold-out (per the usher.) Our seats were pretty good (Orchestra, Row T) and while we did have one screamer near us, for the most part it was a congenial little
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Updated: Final Arrangements for Andre ‘Pokie’ Gray

As we reported, Andre’s body was recovered from the Ohio River on March 20 near Wheeling, West Virginia. His cause of death has been declared a homicide by gunshot wound. A person of interest (Hubert Wingate) is already being held at the Allegheny County Jail for other charges. No charges have been filed and Pittsburgh
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Andre Gray Found Murdered in Ohio River

Very sad news for the families of Andre Gray and another missing man, Paul Kochu, who was cis het. Both of their bodies were found in the Ohio River, near Wheeling, West Virginia. The cause of death for Paul is undetermined until a complete autopsy is performed. Andre died from a gunshot wound, so his
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