One Month Until the Return of Fish Fry Fridays

  Ash Wednesday is fast approaching (February 18.) This means two things for me – I need to order a Mardi Gras cake lickety split and I need to prepare for the return of Fish Fry Fridays. This feature is fun – we visit a different fish fry each Friday during Lent and share our
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Jessica Fletcher Is My Spirit Guide?

Yesterday was exhausting. I feel like my brain melted, leaving me incapable of composing coherent sentences. And, as has been historically been the case, this leaves me unable to engage my allies. I feel frustrated because I know that we are talking past one another and yet I can’t find that one well-crafted phrase to
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The Real Reason LGBTQ Visibility in Pgh Gov Matters

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UPDATED: Donate To Send North Side Youth on a Snow Tubing Trip

UPDATE – in 36 hours, we’ve reached 41% of our goal ($500). Please help us cross the finish line so the kids hear the good news on Monday.   Jefferson Recreation Center is a North Side based community recreation center serving youth of all ages. They are hoping to take 13-15 young members (ages 8-18)
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The 44 Year Old Bridesmaid

I’ve never been a bridesmaid. I’ve been the lector (the person who reads during a Catholic Mass) many times over, but never a bridesmaid. Don’t get me wrong, this has its advantages. I can wear whatever dress I want, I often was included in the pre-wedding festivities and my outlay of cash was minimal. But
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Erie is the 7th Queerest City in the US According to The Advocate

Satire Warning. This is not, I repeat this is not a statistically accurate analysis of queer friendliness. It is, however, an interesting glimpse at some non-traditional locations in the nation. You may have noticed in previous years that some local LGBTQ groups in Pittsburgh were ecstatic about our ranking among the “LGBT Friendliest Cities” in
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Update on the Lives and Deaths of Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson

The story of Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson resonates through recent events even though they’ve been dead for more than ten months. Britney and Crystal were 24-year-old queer women of color from Houston. Their bodies were left near a dumpster, Crystal died of a gunshot wound and Britney due to severe head trauma. They were
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Je Suis Charlie

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