I Don’t Know How To Help

I spent a lot of Sunday sharing updates, links and information about Orlando. Then, I attended a vigil where I took photos, spoke some words and felt a few moments of peace. Fleeting moments. I laid out some requests for support, but no one responded. I guess it isn’t supposed to be about me really.
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Enter to Win #LastYearWasComplicated from @NickJonas

Enter to win Last Year Was Complicated from Nick Jonas! LAST YEAR WAS COMPLICATED the new album from NICK JONAS Featuring “Close,” “Chainsaw” and “Champagne Problems” Available NOW: http://smarturl.it/LastYearComplicated Catch the 2016 Honda Civic Tour featuring Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas: Future Now FOR TICKETS: http://civictour.honda.com Jun 29 – Atlanta, Georgia — Philips Arena Jul
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The Anxious Life: Part One

This morning, I woke up to hear one of the cats crying and I immediately thought ” He’s dying” and leapt out of bed to race down the stairs. Of course, Boris was fine, just hungry and a little grumpy. Boris is 20 and tough as nails for a 5 lb scrappy cat whose only
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Kay, 27: Not Ashamed Of The Reality of Me #AMPLIFY

  Name: Kay Age: 27 County of Residence: Allegheny Preferred Pronouns: n/a How do you describe your identity? I am Kay…I am a tall stout masculine woahman!👌💯…I’m not a lady…I’m not a man…I’m me….according to society I’d be considered a soft stud…I am black, irish, and indian. I’m originally from Bloomfield 👏👏😂 Please describe your coming out experience. Where did
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‘Venus in Fur’ at the Public Theater

  Pittsburgh Public Theater Presents Venus in Fur Set during a theatrical audition, this eerie and erotic dark comedy by David Ives gives dominance and submission a few rousing twists. PITTSBURGH (May 10, 2016) Pittsburgh Public Theater presents the Pittsburgh premiere of David Ives’ Broadway hit, Venus in Fur. Directed by Jesse Berger, Artistic Director
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Heidi, 28, Learned It’s Okay To Be An LGBT Christian #AMPLIFY

Name: Heidi Age: 28 County of Residence:  Westmoreland, formerly Allegheny and Fayette Preferred Pronouns: she How do you describe your identity? Female, lesbian Please describe your coming out experience. Where did you find support? What challenges did you face? I was 20. I fell in love, but was too afraid to admit it. Eventually the girl (who i knew
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My List of Awesome #PghPride Things To Do 2016

Here’s my personal list of awesome things to do this year to celebrate and honor Pride. ‘Invisible in Plain Sight’ #AMPLIFY stage play, June 24 and 26, at Carnegie Stage Undertow Free Movie Screening by ReelQ, City of Asylum & Cafe Con Leche, June 6, Northside (we are sponsoring this series!) Dreams of Hope Love
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#AMPLIFY Zine Issue 2 Now Seeking Sponsors for June/Pride Edition

UPDATE – just an FYI that we are dedicating Issue #3 to the bisexual and pansexual community. It will be released in September for Bi Visibility Week. The overwhelming success of Issue #1 has put an entirely new spin on our plans for the second issue which will also double as the event program for
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#AMPLIFY LGBTQ Families, 29 Parents Share Their Experiences

For the past 18 months, I have been collecting Q&A responses from LGBTQ folks with ties to Western Pennsylvania. The project is called #AMPLIFY and we plan to continue seeking Q&A contributions through the end of 2017. Participants are 18+, identify as part of the LGBTQ community and have ties to Western Pennsylvania. We ask
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Queer folk rocker Jennifer Knapp Plays Club Cafe

Queer folk rocker Jennifer Lynn Knapp is playing Club Cafe tonight and she took a few moment to chat with us. The show is 21+, doors at 6, show at 7 pm. Tickets are $18 and available for online purchase or you can buy them at the door. For more on Jennifer’s story, check out
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