Can’t get enough of us? Well, we are a force of nature what with all the cross-posting and guest blogging and such.

Sue blogs weekly blog on She writes mostly about human services issues. It is hosted by the Forest Hills Regent Square Patch, but picked up around the nation.

Sue also blogs for Bilerico – the nation’s largest LGBTQ group blog.

BlogHer – Sue contributes semi-regularly to the BlogHer community with the point of view that simply living out loud as a lesbian makes the conversation more authentic (and interesting, even feisty.)

The Pittsburgh Women’s Blogging Society compiles blogging contributions by nearly 40 regional female bloggers on every topic imaginable. Founded in 2007, it had the distinct honor of being spoofed and outliving the spoof to continue sharing original engaging content.

Jen’s work with GLAAD on behalf of LGBTQ youth and families is part of Huffington Post. We hope some of her future contributions here are reposted, too!

Ledcat, Jen and Trish are new to blogging (Sue’s been at it since 2005) so we’ll continue to add their contributions as they share their unique perspectives.