Jen joined the Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondent team in December 2012.

"You must never be fearful when what you are doing is right"                                          ~Rosa Parks~

“You must never be fearful when what you are doing is right”
~Rosa Parks~

Jen is an “accidental” advocate after being removed from her leadership position in the BSA because she is gay. Never having been involved in advocacy prior to her dismissal, she has since become a loud and proud voice for the LGBT community. She has spoken at GLAAD Media Awards in LA and San Francisco, attended her first Gay Pride Parade in 2012 in NY where she had the honor or riding in the parade with George Takei, was the Grand Marshall of Toledo OH’s 2012 Gay Pride Parade, spoken publicly at equality rallies, appeared on Dr. Drew, and numerous news programs about her journey to bring equality to the BSA. Jen also hold the position of Field Director for the organization Scouts For Equality, founded by Zach Walhs.

Jen holds college degrees in Accounting, Business Administration, and Building Preservation and Restoration. She is currently employed as a window restoration specialist and enjoys bringing historic beauty back to life.

Jen is “married” (marriage equality has yet make its way to Ohio), to her partner, Alicia, and they have four beautiful children. Between balancing a career, four kids, all the sporting and school events, homework, and managing a household, Jen continues to speak at equality events, churches, schools, and work behind the scenes to help bring equality, not only to scouts, but to all aspects of life.

Favorite Quotes/Sayings: You must never be fearful when what you are doing is right.                                                                                                     ~Rosa Parks~

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.                                                                ~MLK~

Loves: Coffee, a good book, and her family

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