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View Article  Northside Magistrate

Found a flyer stuffed into our door knocker inviting us to attend a "Meet Your Candidates" event on Thursday from 5 - 8 PM.  Magisterial district judge Dan Styche and Constable candidate Rob Moye are hosting the event. 

Well, actually they are the ones we are meeting, but the flyer doesn't say who is hosting it.  I think it is supposed to say something like "friends of blah blah blah" candidate.

Interesting note.  The flyer is in color so it wasn't cheap to print. 

Another interesting note.  It is being held at the Manchester Citizens Corporation bldg, but the organization's name is not on the flyer.

Does this mean what's his name is tacitly endorsing these candidates? 

I will probably go so I can figure out what a constable does. 

View Article  CLCA: Overstimulation

I wish it were Friday night because I am exhausted.  All this meet and greet stuff is exhilerating.  I might have mentioned that we are stationed at the Information table for the museum so we have met a ton of people. 

My favorite is the man who insisted I provide him with scotch tape EVEN though I was deep in conversation with artist Scott Ward.  Scotch tape?  Really?  For what?

Anyway, I've heard great things as people are rolling out the door.  Lots of art wrapped, taped and trundled alongside the exultant owners.  It is 9:47 and there's still quite a buzz in the air.  And hey!  we just met one of neighbors whose name we never knew. 

People love the option to take their own picture in the mock frames.  So much fun.  What a great little add-on to the event. 

The one negative thing about live blogging is my inability to actually see the art.  I did get a quick browse while Ledcat watched the laptop and it was quite breathtaking.  We actually won our bid on a piece a few years ago and it is just lovely. 

Something I really like about this event is how utterly lacking in pretense it can be.  There are people from every strata of Pittsburgh here tonight garbed in all sorts of attire and everyone mingles together nicely.  I can't think of any other event like this ... it really is something special. 



View Article  CLCA: The paint thickens

The official CLCA tee shirts are gorgeous ... this lush shade of blue with the American Gaythic print on the front.  Ledcat has gone off to purchase two and I'm going to wear mine to work tomorrow. 

The crowd is packed.  I chatted with Allegheny County Councilwoman Amanda Green who was thrilled at how diverse the attendees are.  Ledcat saw City Councilman Bruce Kraus. 

GLCC Chair Rick Allison stopped by with a promise of good "new location" news coming soon. 

View Article  CLCA: The return of the Ledcat

She's been gone for hours and comes tra la la la ing back.  Ha!  Now she wants to take my camera so she can photograph a painting of a crane.  I think this is going to cost me money.

A few more action shots. 

Hugh McGough charms the camera. 

The scene from our neck of the woods.  People are happy!

View Article  CLCA: Scene and Be Seen

So we moved around the corner.  Ledcat is prowling around looking for great photo opps and I'm getting used to the new digs.  I actually commandeered an Information table so I feel official.  Officially what?  Who cares!

Court of Common Pleas Judicial Candidate Hugh McGough just walked by and is being positively swamped with supporters -- his stickers are everywhere! 

A few other familiar faces have rolled in. Everyone literally walks by my new spot.  They seem to believe I'm the receptionist which is actually a bit fun.  I have no idea where the bathroom is, but I've given directions three times already. Shhh.

Anyway, Persad is the nation's second oldest LGBT counseling center.  Last year, they provided services to 900 clients equalling 13,000 hours of clinical care. 

Melissa Meinzer of the City Paper just strode by in some awesome boots and accompanied by an uncommonly handsome man whose name was sort of lost in the introductions.  Steel City's Lance and Joe stopped by to say hello and chat up local politics.  We savored a moment of relish over the Post-Gazette endorsement of Patrick Dowd.  Can you imagine if he won?  <Deep Sigh>

Lynn Cullen arrived.  She looks fabulous. 


View Article  CLCA: Scott Ward

The featured artist of the event is Scott Ward, creator of "American Gayothic" which is just awesome.  Scott is from Seattle and is a lovely man.  Our great friend Kerry Kennedy will be carrying a line of Scott's notecards in his Northside shop, K.S. Kennedy Floral so even if you are not in the market for art, you can have a little piece of Celebrate Life, Celebrate Art for your very own. 

Here's a picture of Scott with event PR chair, George Hazimanolis:



View Article  CLCA: In the beginning ...

We made it just before the skies opened up!  I was hurried along to my table by the very organized PR crew and am now settling in to absorb.  Ledcat went in pursuit of refreshments to fortify us, but she's already been waylaid by multiple persons so it might be awhile until I get some of the good stuff.  Ah well ... my blogging station is next to the bar.  I took a picture of the official CLCA blogging table. 


I'm next to the photo station where giant frames are positioned so people can be the art.  I would love a purple frame in my home.  I'd also love some of the yummy snacks, but Ledcat was waylaid ... again. 

So here's the scoop:

Persad's goal is to raise $200,000 for the Free Care Fund.  The evening's theme is "Picture Yourself" ... everyone should be in the picture with no one excluded!  The guest auctioneer is Lynn Cullen (yeah!) and there is plenty to see throughout the evening. 

Event co-chairs are Cristina Battaglia and Joe Seletyn. 

PrideFest Chair Jeff Freedman and his partner, Norm just stopped by to say hello.  Ah, here comes Ledcat with dinner!


View Article  Live Blogging Tonight from Celebrate Life, Celebrate Art!

This promises to be fun.  Tonight, Ledcat and I are heading out to the annual Celebrate Life, Celebrate Art auction to benefit Persad Center.  From there, we'll be liveblogging about the auction and the art and the people and all that good stuff.

I have an official press perch near a stairwell somewhere from whence I can blog.  So tune in tonight for a birds-eye view on a legendary community event. 


View Article  Vegetarian dinner fundraiser needs your help


Here's a bit of shameless pandering.  I am searching high and low for raffle prize donations.  Can you help?  Any item large or small -- a candle, a CD, a tee shirt or mug promoting your company/organization -- all will be put to good use.

My program is sponsoring one of Pittsburgh?s few vegetarian events on Tuesday, June 16, 2009.  The event will include a meal with vegan options (entr?e, salad, beverages and dessert) for $10.00/person.  We hope that this unique fundraiser will help us raise funds for our community social activities, including a 2010 trip to Ocean City, for our program consumers who most often live on very small fixed incomes.  These activities help us keep people engaged in the community and focused on managing their mental illness rather than isolating which can lead to more serious health concerns. 

 Clearly, we?d love you to come to our fundraiser!  The meal will be delicious and it is quite a bargain for $10.00! 

I am asking for your support in another way.  We are trying to have a random raffle to help us meet our goal.  Would you be able to donate an item that we can include in one of our baskets?  It can be as simple as a knickknack, candle, pot holder or other craft item.  We?d also love to put together theme baskets that might appeal to our vegetarian crowd ? a pet basket, perhaps a vegetarian dinner kit, or even a ?night on the town? basket.  We?ve had a nice response from our business partners, but the economy is tough. So I?m asking you personally if you can donate something small ? maybe a modest gift card from your favorite veggie restaurant, coffee shop or movie passes.  Perhaps even a copy of your favorite vegetarian cookbook.  I?ve had a couple of tee shirts and mugs donated which is also very helpful ? maybe your employer has a bit of ?swag? that you can share with us.

Your support will make a difference for the individuals we serve through our community activities programs.  You will also be supporting the vegetarian lifestyle and promoting an alternative twist to the very popular Spaghetti Dinner/Pancake Breakfast traditions. 

I really appreciate your consideration.  Your donation will be tax deductible and acknowledged in our event program (which will double as a vegetarian resource guide) and the agency newsletter. 

On behalf of Community Human Services, thank you for your support!  Hope to see you on June 16.

Thanks for your help!

View Article  Update: Grove City to allow gay porn star student to graduate

(My mother-in-law gave me this tip at our Mother's Day lunch as it hasn't yet made the Pittsburgh papers.)

From the Sharon Herald (largest paper near the college) comes word that John Gechter will be permitted to graduate with a GCC degree.  In a deal struck with the college, Gechter must complete his two remaining classes elsewhere which can then be transferred back to GCC for his degree.

Gechter had previously been suspected when school officials learned of his roles in gay male pornography.  Gechter claims he was using the money earned to finance his education.  A video was discovered by another student who shared it with the general student body.  Gechter was two classes away from completing his undergraduate degree. 

Gechter states he will drop plans for a lawsuit in return for this resolution.  He plans to move to New York City where he has been cast in a play. 

As for the students who spread the information (and the video?)?

 GCC also did not offer any specific comment as to whether any students were punished for spreading the e-mail about Gechter, only stating that ?in mid-April, the Office of Student Life and Learning at Grove City College received information indicating one of our students was actively involved in the hardcore pornographic adult entertainment industry.?

 Student reaction seems mixed with some students sympathetic to Gechter for being suspended so close to graduation.

Other students seem in la-la land, stating that they do not believe Gechter was harassed at their good Christian environment.  Seriously?  I've been to a whole lot of churches in my life and met a lot of very human Christians engaging in gossip, slander, and other nasty low down behavior.  I also attended a Catholic university so I definitely know what happens in that kind of good Christian environment. 

I am glad things worked out for Gechter and hope other students take heed to enroll in schools that accept federal financial aid if they plan to finance their education by freelance work in the adult entertainment industry.  Still, I can't help wondering if the students who "gossiped" this information around the campus even get that they violated a Christian code of conduct? 

How can the College act in "good faith" if these students and those who allegedly sent "hate email" to Gechter go about their way with nary a backward glance?

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