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View Article  Adam Ravenstahl Emerges

2 Political Junkies has the story ...

Actually, his name is pretty much all we know about Adam Ravenstahl (other than he's Lil Mayor Luke's baby bro and he's running for PA State Rep). And, it's not just us. Adam's not returning calls or written requests from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. His campaign web site doesn't work.

I received an email from someone purporting to be Adam Ravenstahl earlier in the week.

What are your thoughts?


View Article  Repeal DADT Virtual Lobby Day

From the Human Rights Campaign:

Here?s what you can do:


View Article  Weds Round Up

Some photos from DC on the first day same sex couples are eligible to apply for marriage licenses.

There's a new blog dedicated to the alleged misleading campaign statements made by Dan Onorato.  h/t 2 Political Junkies

Dan's Land of Make Believe


I don't see a rainbow flag in this picture.  :-(

Lehigh Valley Ramblings isn't swayed by the Onorato machine.

I've been feeling so run down this week that I haven't really surfed my usual blogs, relying on email and Twitter for the most critical news.  The highlight of my week was learning that the cat we saved is literally expected to give birth in days.  Thank goodness we got her there in time.  She's in an expert foster home.  Sweet girl.

There's a House hearing on DADT which has been live blogged and live tweeted. I'm increasingly fond of the live tweet, but find myself struggling to compose a blog summary.  Maybe that's just because I'm under the weather. 

Final word, the Steel City Stonewall Democrat have their questionnaires out. They are due back by March 14 and the endorsement meeting is set for March 28, 2010.  To vote, you need to be a current member.  Dues start at $15 and up.  This could be the best indicator of what Western PA progressives are thinking (and how they are planning to vote).  Be part of this decision.  Join and support the gay political community.


View Article  Hurrah for Marriage Equality in DC! #DC4M

It is exhilerating that we could drive a mere 4 hours and get married, even if it would not be recognized in Pennsylvania. 


Congratulation to our advocates, allies and resident of Washington, DC on a truly historic day. 

ps:  today is the first day that same sex couples can apply for marriage licenses. 

View Article  Joe Hoeffel ... I mean the man just rocks

Last night, we had a little gathering at Hoi Polloi Cafe for folks to get to know Joe Hoeffel. We had a chance to interact with Joe live via Skype which was very cool.  I felt like a babbling idiot because he's so incredibly smart and I don't quite understand progressive taxation.  But I'll learn! 

So anyway, Joe's campaign has some videos out that you should see.  This one leaves no uncertainty as to who is the REAL progressive in the Governor's race.  There's no pussy footing around issues.  There's no waffling on the choice issue.  There's concrete commitment to progressive values, including a commercial that shows TWO MEN GETTING MARRIED. 

Here's the YouTube channel for the Hoeffel videos.


View Article  Daylin Leach Blogs!

We may be ushering in a new era of political, er, politician blogging.  Daylin Leach unveils his blog ...

I am doing this because like most bloggers I think I have something to say. I'm doing it because sometimes when I hear the people who are paid millions of dollars to argue my side of an issue I spend the whole time cringing and screaming at the television (I react the same way to Celine Dion). I am doing this because I feel my experience and position give me a unique perspective that might be valuable to someone, somewhere. And I am doing this because I want to hear from you and hopefully learn something. So I hope you like the blogs to come. I hope we build a lasting relationship based on the exchange of ideas. And I invite you to tell me what's on your mind. You can be sure I will let you know what's on mine.

Now I've shared with you that the Senator's tweets have won me over, so I can't imagine what impact the blog will have.  I like smart progressive people, especially with a sense of humor. 

So let's welcome Senator Leach to the Burghosphere and look forward to his post-Primary support for Joe Hoeffel.  Then all will be right with the world.  Or left with the world.




View Article  Letter to the editor - DADT

Karen Mesko's piece in the Post-Gazette draw an appreciative letter from another person discharged under this policy.


View Article  Saturday

I'm hanging at Hoi Polloi today.  I fully intended to find good information on LGBT community, but I've been distracted by the Scrabble and news from the earthquakes in Chili and Argentina.

So here's a little round up.

An Italian chef was fired for suggesting, however tongue in cheek, that people could cook their cats if they lacked other meat. 

A North Carolina elected official describes the "Obama tsunami" which <gasp> increased voter turnout among the African-American community.  He's no friend to the homos either. (h/t Pam's House Blend)

Groundbreaking news from HUD with regard to a discrimination study for the LGBT community.

Time for Democracy for Pittsburgh endorsements. (h/t 2 Political Junkies)

The Tea Party got cancelled cause its slippy out.

That's all I got.


View Article  We are having a "Coffee" House Party for Joe Hoeffel and You Are Invited!

If you are free Sunday evening, please join us at Hoi Polloi for a "house" party for Joe Hoeffel. 

Joe will be joining us via videoconference to take your live questions. So this is a great opportunity to talk informally with the campaign staff AND to ask your specific questions. 

We'll have some of Hoi Polloi's signature finger foods (homemade!) and all the coffee you can drink (tea, too even though it isn't one of "those" kind of parties) compliments of your host committee.  There will be a cash "coffee bar" if you crave a special drink and you can also order off the menu. 

Hope to see you there!

View Article  I just joined WDUQ

They had me when I saw this ...


Partner/Spouse!  We even get top billing. 

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