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View Article  Trib Letter to Editor on Repeal of DADT

Groan.  Colonel Richard Young of Texas, formerly of Ellwood Cty has a letter to the editor in the Trib.  He argues against the repeal of DADT because it will impinge on military chaplains. 

While chaplains are willing to minister to everyone, including people they disagree with, they cannot allow the government to censor parts of their faith. Not only would chaplains lose religious freedom, but so would service members who wouldn't have the benefit of the full counsel of God if chaplains  are muzzled.

Pitting "religious liberty" against LGBTQ equality always frustrates me.  There are no freedoms to be lost for homophobic military chaplains if gay soldiers live openly.  Colonel Young disagrees:

Teaching on sexual morality would be endangered. Counseling biblically could generate charges of "discrimination." Declining to perform same-sex "marriages" could bring the ire of activists. And these scenarios could easily bring about career-ending Officer Efficiency Reports for chaplains who obey God rather than man.

Not true, Colonel.  The repeal of DADT won't have any impact on your ability to counsel soldiers.  Your argument would carry more weight if you could provide evidence that desegragating the military had an adverse impact on chaplains who found that decision offensive.  Other than personal angst ...

Gay activists don't care if you perform same sex marriages.  Seriously. The obey God, not man piece is quite a nugget -- this is the military, for God's sake. It is all about obeying men (and some women). 

Stll, Colonel Young took the time to write and submit his point of view in socially conservative SW Pennsylvania.  Are we effectively exercising our First Amendment freedom to do the same?


View Article  May 2010 Steel City Stonewwall Democrats meeting
May 26 2010 - 7:00pm

The meeting takes place in the private glassed in room at Panera Bread, 3401 Blvd of the Allies, Oakland.  This branch of Panera has a large free parking lot.

At this board meeting we will be deciding endorsements for the November 2nd General Election.  This will be a closed meeting open only to 2010 members of Steel-City Stonewall Democrats.  All members are welcome to come and give their input.

Good chance to get involved and learn how you can impact the critical elections of November AND how those elections are going to impact your family. 

View Article  What does the Sestak win mean for LGBTQ Pennsylvania?

A glimpse around the blogosphere ...

Pam's House Blend has a great liveblog with Joe Sestak and Lt. Dan Choi.  Here's her report on the election results.

Change.org on what the Sestak victory means for LGBT equal rights.

From The Huffington Post ....

I suggest that a similar disgust is stewing in the guts of gays watching straight Democrats - who give love when they want votes and money - fidget and squirm out of their promises. They may not even know they're being homophobic - much as Specter was infused with sexism. But the result is the same: LGBTs are humiliated and abandoned for straight political expediency. There are some notable exceptions, of course - Rep. Patrick Murphy and Sen. Carl Levin on repealing DADT, are extraordinary examples.

But in 2010, the silence and backtracking of cowardly Democrats is just as painful and nauseating to LGBTs as the prosecution of Anita Hill by Arlen Specter in 1991. That may seem over the top to some - but that's the reaction bred by festering rage. And it may take a long time for revenge, as it did with Specter - or it may just take until November.


View Article  Pgh Dyke March 2010 - Saturday June 5 in Bloomfield


View Article  Meanwhile ....

Hope for the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell fades .... sigh.

It is kind of weird to be sitting here thinking "hey, I'm happy the straight white Admiral guy won" while wishing we could just send more gay people to war .... this is the liberal frontlines?


View Article  I <3 NPH
View Article  Hey!

Yes, I do know the election is over, but I'm a little overextended at work so no time to process and blog.  I'm just enjoying the quiet airwaves. :-)

I am very grateful to all the Pennsylvania voters who have given me a reason to get up for the next five months ... Joe Sestak.  Isn't that an interesting turn of events?  It certainly caught the eye of a lot of LGBT bloggers around the nation, particularly the question of whether it reflects on Obama or not.

I'm also strangely intrigued by the committee races. So much to process. But tomorrow is a 12+ hour workday and I'm on call so I think that will have to wait. 



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