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View Article  Corbett facts wrong. Shocking!

Capitol Ideas debunks Corbett's ridiculous mocking of his working class citizens ....

Kevin Silva, a senior vice president with the Warrell Corporation of Camp Hill, Cumberland County, said the company had been told by one applicant for a machine operator's position that, after factoring in travel costs, that he could make more money while receiving unemployment benefits.

Silva told Capitolwire that he did not know where the applicant lived. The position pays between $11 and $15 an hour, plus benefits.

Silva said the company did hire 50 foreign college students for seasonal work, not full-time positions, as Corbett told the online news service last week.

He lied? This is precisely why we need to continue pushing for LGBT economic issues on a local level as well as statewide --- statewide does not look too promising.  I bang my head on the table when a die hard conservative friend tells me Onorato is the man. 


View Article  Oh, those witty tea partiers ...

From Infinonymous ....


Infinon reports it was papered over the next day.


View Article  Argentina first Latin American nation to approve marriage equality

Hurrah for Argentina.

BUENOS AIRES -- Argentina's Senate narrowly approved a law early on Thursday authorizing same-sex marriages, making Argentina the first country in Latin America to allow gay couples to wed.

But in a region where the separation of church and state is not always so clear, the law demonstrated a rare but increasing willingness by some Latin American nations to confront the church on fundamental issues, like Chile's legalization of divorce and Brazil's public distribution of contraceptives in recent years.

"There is no question that the law is unusual for a country that is not as secular as Western European democracies," said Javier Corrales, a political science professor at Amherst College. "There's a clear conflict with the church. Very seldom do we see presidents willing to fight the church so strongly on this particular issue in Latin America," even in countries led by left-leaning governments.

Argentina's new law will give gay people the same marital rights as heterosexuals, including adoption and inheritance rights, and reflects the broadening legal recognition of same-sex relationships across Latin America.

Look how far the Catholic school boys in Buenos Aires have come!
View Article  Smart Men are Sexy

Just read Slag Heap every day.  Not only does it make me nostalgic for the slap heap upon which I played as a child (now known as Century Square in West Mifflin), but it is probably the smartest blog in the region.  Well, Chris Briem is pretty damn close but I have to admit he intimidates me. 

Just do it. 



View Article  Township in Montgomery County begins equality process

Always good news to see grassroots efforts to push for equality. 

Lower Merion Township in Montgomery County is on the path toward establishing protected class status for the LGBT community.  You can find out more about this effort through their Facebook Page.

It really is hand to hand combat to win over the hearts and minds of elected officials.  That won't happen without our full participation in the struggle for equality.  Join the Facebook Page to get yourself educated and be humbled that Pittsburgh has a twenty year start, plus domestic partnership benefits for City employees and a domestic partner registry.  Progress can happen with dedication, careful planning and the unrelenting pressure to hold our electeds accountable for the equality they profess to support. 

Congrats to the folks in Lower Merion.  I'll be watching and hoping for the best.

View Article  Pam asks if the DNC will consider LGBT friendliness for convention?



Should this be a factor? What about in Pennsylvania?  Should we ask Jim Burn to take these factors in account?

View Article  Vacation, all I ever needed

I haven't had a proper vacation since 2002.  We've had a few weekend trips, but not a real getaway with sand and sea gulls and she crab bisque.  You know, the beach.

Today, three things fell into place and we went for a plan that had been roiling around in our minds for a few months.  The room was still available so its done. 

It will be interesting to experience another trip as a couple.  Sometimes people are cool (Canada), others they are sort of "la la la, I pretend you are sisters" (Cleveland).  We celebrate 7 years this Sunday so this is a good way to celebrate. 

Plus, she crab bisque.  

View Article  Outing a Transgender "Dater" Major Misfire by the New York Times

Keeping with my theme of today's idiots, I must nominate Randy Cohen - "The Ethicist" for the New York Times, a feature I usually like.

Today, he tackles WHEN to out a transgender date.  Not when that person should disclose, but what a shocked date must do in response to learning this information.  No handbills, but its okay to talk about it.

Not a word on the tremendously high rates of assault and murder of transgender men and women.  No, Cohen just goes for the laugh about TMI on a first date (don't talk about wanting kids), but the necessity to disclose before you disrobe (on the first date?).  He takes not an iota of responsibility for what one's friends and colleagues might do once they have this information.  Nor does he assume that it is an individual's right to make that disclosure.  He just assumes it must be discussed, perhaps to deal with the horror of having dinner with a man who was born female? 

Arrrrgggggg.  See The Bilerico Project for more.

View Article  Pentagon Response to DADT "survey"

LezGetReal.com has something up on the Pentagon pushing back on the LGBT community's outcry over the ridiculous survey the Pentagon has mailed to 400,000 members of the military. 

Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell said about the stories that have resulted from the leak of the 103-question survey that many ?have been inflammatory in the worst case, and misleading in the best.?  The survey was suppose to remain confidential, but the distribution of the survey to the 400,000 active duty and reserve military personnel ended up without that being achieved.

Morrell stated that ?Outside influence is not helpful to the process.?  Of course, given that several groups outside the process have already tried to influence the process by pushing the statements of retired chaplains out in order to try and stop the repeal, and that there was no punishment for a general who decided to issue an op-ed trying to preserve the policy, it is hard to believe that the outside influence was not going to occur anyway.

?We thought it would be breaking the faith with them for us to be proactively sharing the survey because what we are trying to do is preserve the credibility and integrity of the answers that it elicits from the force.?

?The survey is designed to get the attitudes of the force on how to proceed if Congress repeals the so-called ?Don?t Ask, Don?t Tell? law, and is not a referendum on whether or not the law should be repealed.  The answers will inform the working group?s deliberations,? Morrell stated.  The LGBT Community has been very leery of the commitment to repealing DADT.  Right now, repeal rests on the shoulders of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Michael Mullen, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and President Barack Obama and not Congress since an interim repeal is in the Defense budget for this year.

Morrell misses much of the reason behind the uproar when he states ?Pentagon officials worked with a professional and reputable polling firm to produce the survey.  Roughly the first third of the 103 questions seeks demographic information.  The second third asks about professional and military experience.  The third asks how the law?s repeal might affect the individual being surveyed.?  Part of the problem is the wording.  The more clinical word ?homosexual? tends to elicit a more negative reaction than ?lesbian or gay? does.

Confidential? No outside influence? No torture took place?  Ooops.

Let us remember that no such survey took place when the armed forced were integrated or when women began assuming combat roles.  They figured it out without using inflammatory rhetoric to stir up bias, bigotry and fear.

The military really sucks. This is yet another farcical move in the long line of delays and pandering to homophobes who don't want the repeal. 

It is really hard to determine what is making my head spin more this morning, Pennsylvana politics or national politics.

View Article  Blame the "entitlement"

Tom Corbett is a major ass.  If this is his view of Pennsylvania's labor force (the "working man"), just IMAGINE what he thinks about people relying on the safety net for survival. 

From Capitol Ideas:

According to our podcasting pal, Scott Detrow, of Pennsylvania Public Radio,the two-term attorney general told reporters that "the jobs are there," but that many people are purposely remaining unemployed to to collect benefits.

According to Detrow's report, Corbett said he's heard a similar message from business owners across the state.

?One of the issues, and I hear it repeatedly ? one of the individuals said, ?I can?t get workers. People don?t want to come back to work while they still have unemployment.? They?re literally telling him, ?I?ll come back to work when unemployment runs out.? That?s becoming a problem.?

Corbett added, ?The jobs are there. But if we keep extending unemployment, people are just going to sit there ...  I?ve literally had construction companies tell me, I can?t get people to come back to work until?they say, 'I?ll come back to work when unemployment runs out.'?

Capitol Ideas has links to soundbytes.

I don't know anyone who wants to be on unemployment. I interview probably 5-10 people per month and receive dozens more resumes from people who want to work. Unfortunately, most of them are not qualified for our jobs, but it is amazing to see the breadth of their backgrounds.  Ironically, a LOT of folks are  people who were laid off from a human services position and took up a laborer job to feed their families.  They want back into their field (and probably want health insurance). 

Would you make more from uninsurance than we can pay? In some cases, probably yes -- but I've yet to meet someone who sees it as a good tradeoff if for no other reason than they realize that the job might be gone when they are "ready".

Can you imagine what this man will do to human service funding if has this sort of contempt for Pennsylvania's workers? 




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