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View Article  CP's Marty Levine on Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

In the latest City Paper, intrepid homofan Marty Levine takes a brief look at the latest political maneuvers in Harrisburg where homohaters have launched another drive to constitutionalize discrimination. 

It boils down to this

But as with all debates about gay rights, the issue seems to boil down to conservative fears about the sexuality of pets. As Geer summarizes his group?s proposal: ?No same-sex marriage. No plural marriage. Can?t marry your motorcycle or your dog or anything.?

That's Michael Geer, president of the Pennsylvania Family Institute.

This is a bad legislative idea.  Its going to hurt a quarter of a million unmarried heterosexual couples as well a a handful of gays.




View Article  Gay Republicans and Santorum Spokesfag

Homos for Santorum!   per the City Paper's rant feature.

You tell 'em Ron Pedersen Jr of North Versailles, PA

The biggest traitor of them all is Santorum Apologist and Spokesman, Robert Traynham an openly gay man who also happens to be African-American. 

Pay attention because this is what Mr. Traynham has to say about being a black conservative

Speaking at a 2003 Harvard forum on being a conservative person of color, Traynham said, ?Being black has nothing to do with my job?zero.? When confronted about supporting those who display the Confederate battle flag, he said, ?Those who are romantic about the Confederate flag, that?s our base. We need their support; this upcoming election is going to be close.?

I'm not even going to start ranting about this.  Read the City Paper rant and remember. 


View Article  Book of Daniel "Cures" a Gay

Last night episode of the Book of Daniel should appease all the homo-hating fears of the right wingers.  Not one but both gay characters lived down to stereotype and experimented with heterosexual sex.  The self-described "lesbian" sister in law got all hot and bothered by one of the male mafia construction workers, but in all fairness she did start off in a heterosexual marriage. So like all good stereotypes, she fits right in with the bisexual image of being promiscuous and flighty.  Goody for her!

Then there's the son.  Allegedly 23 years old and somewhat somber, he's been dodging the machinations of his oblivious grandfather to set him up with a nice girl.  Said nice girl (the niece of grandpa's mistress) got the hots for the homo and tried to seduce him in the backseat of a sedan.  Rather than the awkward fumbling we anticipate, he acted like any "23 year old man" and screwed her. 

Hallelujah, he's cured! 

What a crock.  The mumbling mafioso have more authenticity than the homos. 




View Article  Hines Ward: I am not a Metrosexual
View Article  Vatican Investigates Sexual Climate at Local Seminaries

From yesterday's Post-Gazette, I discover  that the Vatican has sent teams to determine if American seminaries are providing "proper spiritual, moral and theological training for the priesthood."

This includes visits to St. Vincent Seminary in Latrobe, SS. Cyril & Methodius Byzantine Catholic Seminary on the North Side  and St. Paul Seminary in East Carnegie.

Only one of 55 questions deals with homosexuality but that question is one of the 6 mandatory questions.   The Vatican claims this isn't a witch hunt to ferret out the queer priests, but the timing is suspiciously coincidental. 

The Vatican issues a clearly homophobic statement banning priests with "homosexual tendencies" from seminaries and then sends out the minions to ask questions. 

What the heck kind of questions are they asking?  Do the emissaries have to go undercover to explore the steamier side of the seminary?  How exactly does one determine homosexual tendencies from one simple question?  Or measure the depth of those tendencies? 

It is nothing but homo-hate in priestly clothing.  And yet another attempt to distract the American Catholic Church from the sexual abuse perpetrated by their priests and covered up by their bishops. 




View Article  Rhode Island Gays Hit With Federal Tax Penalties

Well, you knew it wouldn't be too long before the clash between state and federal acknowledgement (or lack thereof) of same sex partnerships would create turmoil. 

Rhode Island has just sent notices to domestic partners of state employees informing them that the health and insurance benefits they received are federally taxable income.  And the state "forgot" to collect those taxes for the past five years.  So now its time to pony up the money.

In a grand gesture, the state will not issue penalties on the overdue taxes and will allow payment plans.  They can also issue short term loans.  However, the loans might be considered further taxable income.

Here's what one Rhode Island resident had to say:

Rhode Island state employee Barbara Margolis and her partner said the issue is discrimination. 

"It's a hard thing for me because I'm very grateful to the state is finally coming around and treating our relationship as an equal relationship as a married couple. At the same time, the federal government is coming back and saying, 'No, no, no. You're strangers to each other,'" Margolis told WJAR.

You tell 'em Barbara.  This is one heck of a mistake.  LGBT activists think the state should pick up the tab, but the state believes that would be unfair to other taxpayers. 

How like the homo-hater run federal goverment to send in the IRS rather than acknowledge the disparity and do something constructive to address it. 

Perhaps now that heterosexual partners are included in the big tax oops people will begin to recognize that anti-gay marriage efforts have a significant toll far beyond the LGBT community.  This impacts heterosexuals, too.  And the financial impact on low and moderate working families is most likely disproportionately high. 

Too bad we aren't all Mary Cheneys with rich daddies who help us turn a blind eye to the realities facing working gay families in her daddy's hate-laden society.  Traitor.


View Article  Brokeback Mountain Rocks Pittsburgh

L.A. Johnson sums up local reaction to the Pittsburgh opening of Brokeback Mountain

Variety reports that from Friday through Sunday, the Pittsburgh theaters in which the film opened grossed more than $20,000, a high figure for even a Hollywood blockbuster.

That confirms my unofficial report from Dustin, the Loews' waiter who took care of our table Saturday evening. 

The article goes on to quote many local viewers, most of whom appear to be deeply moved by this movie experience. I've been asking everyone I know when they plan to see it and lecturing them sternly if they hesitate.  Not sure how that is working out.

One viewer had the perfect response to the homo-hater naysayers. 

"Ultimately, this is a piece of art, and if you don't want to see it, don't go see it," says Ariel's dad, Michael Horowitz, 50, of Squirrel Hill.

"It was very good. People walk away with a message that says love is love, whether it's heterosexual or homosexual."

Go see this movie!


View Article  KDKA, McIntire and Some Good News

The gays swept the Golden Globes last night, taking home Best Actor (Capote), Best Actress (Transamerica), Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Original Song (Brokeback Mountain) for all heavily gay themed performances.

Here's what the incomparable Felicity Huffman said during her acceptance of the Best Actress award for her performance as Bree in Transamerica

"I know as actors our job is usually to shed our skins but I think as people, our job is to become who we really are, and so I would like to salute the men and women who brave ostracism, alienation and a life lived on the margins to become who they really are," the actress said, to roaring approval."

It was an ecstatic night for your lesbian correspondents followed up by an exclusive appearance on The Temporary John McIntire Show on KDKA during the 11 PM hour. 

A caller (let's call her Sue) wanted to know if I saw a comparison between Brokeback Mountain and The Crying Game (you remember the "big reveal" don't you?).  She was almost rapturous describing her emotional response to the compassion and beauty of this movie's touching story about the gay experience.  When I asked if she was planning to see Brokeback Mountain, she told me probably not because the gay male sex scene seemed unnatural.


Sue -- you need to go see this movie.  I guarantee if you had such a strong response to The Crying Game (an excellent film) that Brokeback Mountain will be a completely satisfying experience for you.  Please PLEASE go see this movie. 

please.  I will take you to the movies AND dinner afterwards to discuss. 



View Article  Microsoft Target of Homo Hater Boycott

The homohating bigots are at it again, calling for a boycott on Microsoft and other companies supporting a LGBT civil rights bill in the Washington state legislature. 

What can you say to this kind of overt hatred?  Again, I cannot get my mind around the fact that these bigots and their sheep actually BELIEVE that homosexuals are the biggest threat to American families.  Period.  Not the economy, health care, the environment. Not even terrorism.  Nope.  Its us queers.

It appears that Microsoft has learned their lesson from their previous supplication at the foot of the mighty Christian wingers. 

Then again here in Pennsylvania the legislature is buying into the same ridiculous argument. 



View Article  PA Legislators Deem Gay Marriage Bigger Threat than Economy, Health Care or Terrorism

This ain't funny, folks.  The PA legislature, home of the midnight pay raise, has made protecting marriage from the homos a focus right now.  Never mind that our fair city of Pittsburgh is crumbling around us while our beloved mayor plugs holes with political hacks.  Never mind that GM is closing a plant and putting hundreds of people out of jobs.  Never mind that Medicare Part D is a nightmare and thousands of older adults are swimming in a sea of bureaucratic crap.  Never mind.  Just sling some homohate around and people will <snap> forget all about the real problems that threaten Pennsylvania families.

Tell you legislators that this is a waste of resources, will hurt Pennsylvania families and is unfair to children.   Go here to do something. 

"We need to do a lot of education," Stacey Sobel, a lawyer and the executive director of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights in Philadelphia, told 365Gay.com.

"A significant number [of legislators] who signed on as co-sponsors may not know the consequences and impact it would have," Sobel said. 


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