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View Article  LGBT activists "call out" Stonewall response to DNC

 From Blogactive.com

Not to stand silently by as the party trashes gays and lesbians, Stonewall Democrats have issued a statement about Howard Dean's insensitivity to the gay and lesbian community and condemning his actions totally kissing Howard Dean's ass:

From keithboykin.com

the DNC eliminated the GLBT outreach office but is keeping the GLBT fundraising office. As Gardenhire puts it, "Our money may be good enough, but we are not."

View Article  Here We Go Steelers!


View Article  A Slippery Slope to Hate: Gay Bar Murderer Snared in Arkansas

I would be remiss not to comment on the gay bar rampage in Massachusetts.  Last night, the murderous Jacob Robida was captured in Arkansas after killing his female passenger and a cop. (365gay.com)

Robida targets gays armed with a hatchet and a gun.  People are asking why and scrambling to link his neo-Nazi fetish with his apparent homophobia. 

Wake up America.  Robida is a natural outgrowth of the hate-spewing homophobes filling your airwaves, newspapers and political parties.  The hate-laced rhetoric of Jimmy Dobson and Rick Santorum feeds the slippery slope down to Robida.  AND his myspace.com cronies that aided and abetted his descent from homo-assailant to cop killer. 

Do you honestly think that a full-frontal assault to shred the civil rights - the human rights - of an entire segment of society does NOT make us fair game to hatchet wielding monsters like Robida?    Think again.  This is what happens when our leaders are successful in bashing gays to win votes and gain power.  If gay bashing is acceptable in Harrisburg, why not in Donny's Place or Pegasus? 

Pam's House Blend on this:

As you can see, no one seems to have a clue that the homobigotry that oozes out of the swamps of Freeperland and the mouths and pulpits of the AmTaliban has anything to do with this.

They must claim the Jacob Robidas of the world, because these disillusioned, poorly educated people out there see that leaders in the public eye demonize gays each and every day, working successfully in many places to legalize discrimination. What message does that send?

These are the fruits of Dobson and his bible beaters, as well as "friends" like Karl Rove who see gay-bashing tactics as nothing more than a political game for votes. Well it's no game when you're on the receiving end of hate and violence.


View Article  Catty Call - PG Column Throwback to When Women Were Girls

For proof the PG's inevitable downward spiral, one need look no further than "Just Ask Cat," a misguided attempt to offer advice to Pittsburgh's lost and lovelorn. 

Would-be columnist Catherine Specter dishes out bad advice more often than Joe Grata disses Penndot.


Ms. Specter is caught up in a retro-delusion that with the right pair of pumps and a "you go girl" attitude, the average yinzerette can snare herself a good man and aspire to be like ... her?

In this week's uber dosage of the feminine mystique, Specter advises a career woman how to dress pretty for an after-work date.  Her suggestion?  "Remember, if it's done right, a little primp goes a long way."

In one of my favorite columns, Specter labeled a woman who didn't shave her legs as a "yeti" and took pains to reassure her writer that he isn't shallow  You fell for something that looked and felt one way, and now it's changed.   This inspired a missive to the PG.  

I assume the PG is angling for a Carrie Bradshawesque appeal.  Minus the wit and insight. 

Meanwhile, the well-written and thoughtful teen-directed Help Me Harlan column is relegated to the back pages of the classified section. 

Correspondent's Call:  If you want sassy advice from the PG, read LaMont Jones.  Otherwise, read the City Paper

View Article  80ish Catholic Grammy Loves McIntire AND Correspondent

Had dinner with my long-time friend Amy (27 years or so) and her adorable two-year old daughter last weekend.  She informed me that her 80ish grandmother had heard my "Lesbian Correspondent" segments on The Temporary John McIntire Show and was very pleased. 

John McIntire just before he shocked the crowd

Apparently, Grammy is a big fan of both McIntire and Lynn Cullen.  Obviously a woman of good taste.

Grammy is down with the lesbians.  She also caught my 10 second interview by WTAE on the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal last fall.  Obviously a woman plugged in.

Rock on Grammy!



View Article  Good News for Pittsburgh's Queer Youth

From the City Paper

Tom Wyse, faculty adviser for Gay-Straight Alliance groups in two Pittsburgh Public high schools, says a new meeting spot in Carnegie Library?s Oakland branch is the start of a community-wide Alliance. The Carnegie?s dedicated teen room will become the ?Safe and Respectful Space? every Wednesday after school, beginning with a post-Valentine?s Day ice-cream social. The space was Wyse?s suggestion: He says it?s necessary, pointing to January?s Harris poll that showed sexual orientation was the second-most common reason for bullying in schools, after appearance or size. Teens in middle or high school who identified as gay were three times as likely to report bullying as their straight peers.

Now this is a great idea. GSA's in general provide wonderful mutal support for LGBTQ youth and their allies.  These are some amazingly brave kids who refuse to be intimidated by all the homophobic hate spewing from educators around the country.  Such as in Utah where the state legislature is trying to ban GSAs to ensure socially appropriate behavior.

I'd launch into a rant here but this post is supposed to be about the positive things happening in Pittsburgh.  Kudos to the Carnegie Library for stepping up on this issue.  Good to know that my never-ending late fines are contributing to some good gay stuff.

Safe and Respectful Space, Carnegie Library, Oakland, Wednesdays, 4-6 p.m. beginning with the Ice Cream Valentine?s Party for LGBTQ Youth and Allies, Wed., Feb 15, 4 p.m.

Contact safe&respectfulspace@glsenpgh.org or phone 412-361-6996; see www.glsen.org and www.carnegielibrary.org.

View Article  Lesbian Tagged

Somewhat misleading title.  This is my first time being "tagged," but since i love those little email questionnaire things, this seems fun.

Four Jobs I?ve Had:

1. Foster Care Recruiter
2. Special Projects Coordinator
3. Lay Missioner
4. Intern for Senator Rick Santorum

Four Movies I Watch Over and Over Again:

1. A Family Affair
2. When Harry Met Sally
3. Legally Blond
4. Miracle on 34th Street

Four Places I?ve Lived:

1. Manchester (Northside) in Pittsburgh, PA
2. Elkton, Kentucky
3. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
4. West Mifflin, PA

Four TV Shows I Watch:

1. Medium
2. The Office
3. Will and Grace
4. Criminal Minds

Four Places I?ve Vacationed:

1. Nags Head, North Carolina
2. West Texas 
3. South Beach, North Carolina
4. Chicago, Illinois

Four Websites I visit daily:

1. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
2. The Big Gay Picture
3. Pam's House Blend
4. Soap Central (give me points for honesty)

Four of My Favorite Foods:

1. Portabella Stuffed Ravioli
2. Pad Thai
3. Cheesecake
4. Oatmeal

Four Places I?d like to be right now:

1. The Beach (read sunny, warm and not here)
2. Budapest
3. Ireland
4. Another beach

Four Folks Now Tagged With This Meme:  I really don't know any other bloggers who would do this.  Except for Unspace who sent it to me in the first place ...So I guess this is a dead end unless someone wants to pick it? 



View Article  PA Rep Mike Diven: Homohater AND Illiterate?

Michael  Diven
				It seemed like such a simple request.  She wrote to The Honorable Mike Diven, Republican member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.  Her mission?  To ascertain how Diven would vote on the proposed anti-gay marriage amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution.

What Diven offered in response is a testament to why the Democrats should be able to recapture this seat. 


So we are not in agreement on which issue?  Gay marriage?  Amending the constitution?  Ignoring tax reform, health care and the economy to focus on this issue?   Which issue, Mike?

It is obvious he means gay marriage because he spends two whole pages outlining current law on gay marriage.  Illustrating that he did not read the original letter for content, but just KEY WORDS. 

Clearly, someone on his staff knows how to do a legislative search and has a partial understanding of the difference between state and federal matters.  What remains unclear is if that same person is able to read for content.

Hmmm ... now that's a useful suggestion.  I'll write to Mike Doyle to ask how he plans to vote on amending the Pennsylvania constitution.

In the end, Mikey does not tell us how he intends to vote.  Is he being politically coy or just stupid?

Hmmmm .....

View Article  Political Dissent Not Appropriate at SOTU; Women in Tee Shirts Shake Up Capitol

Even while acknowledging that wearing a tee shirt to the SOTU is NOT a criminal offense, the US Capitol Police's actions have once again highlighted the egregious "no dissent" policies of this administration.  From CNN.com

Anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan wore a shirt with the message "2,245 Dead. How many more?" -- a reference to the number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq.

Beverly Young, the wife of 18-term Republican U.S. Rep. Bill Young of Florida, wore a shirt that read "Support the Troops."

Both shirts resulted in their owners being ejected from the House chamber before President Bush's State of the Union address on Tuesday night.

Sheehan, an invited guest of Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-California, was arrested around 8:30 p.m. ET on charges of unlawful conduct. Young was asked to leave but not arrested.

There's a significant difference between being asked to leave and being arrested.  I supposed dragging out a Republican's wife in manacles would not play well in the Heartland.

Anyway, here's an interesting tidbit from MSNBC.com

However, State of the Union guests don?t receive any guidelines, according to Deputy House Sergeant at Arms Kerri Hanley. ?You would assume that if you were coming to an event like the State of the Union address you would be dressed in appropriate attire,? she said.

You would assume that if you are going to send tens of thousands of troops to invade a foreign country, they would be dressed in appropriate attire.  Like body armor.  Stuff like that. 

Just goes to show what assuming gets you ...


View Article  Steelers = Girly-Men in Gold? PG Fashion Editor Weighs In

In another stunning display of how desperate Pittsburgh media outlets are for any Steeler oriented story, the Post-Gazette's very own fashion editor LaMont Jones evaluates the "manliness" of the Steelers' gold pants.

Apparently, the Steeler Nation is aghast at the thought that our hometown heros could be perceived as "girly men" in gold.  Their alternative? 

Ditch the "gold" pants in favor of black, the other half of the Steelers' official team colors. Maybe add a tuxedo-style gold stripe down the outer legs for some pizzazz.

Yes, LaMont, because a bit of pizzazz will definitely quell any suspicions about their manliness. 

Dispelling any questions over his own manliness, LaMont goes on to wonder if black pants would make the Steelers look top heavy and voice his concern about the waddle-factor of the current bunchy gold material.

But the best of all is the last sentence ..

But for anyone who questions the manliness of the Steelers in yellow-as-gold pants, seeing the likes of Antwaan Randle El, Troy Polamalu and James Farrior stride off the field like victorious gladiators in a Roman amphitheater should be sufficient to put any concerns to rest.

Yes, that does it for me. 



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