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View Article  "Christian" Tennessee welcomes Soulforce Homo-Hater Style

Look at what a positive and uplifting impact "Christianity" has made in Tennessee ...

Soulforce's Equality Riders get a taste of Southern Hospitality!

(Cleveland, TN) ? The Equality Ride bus was defaced Thursday evening outside the hotel where Riders were in a planning meeting for their action on Friday at Lee University. As the meeting dispersed, Riders found pink letters scrawled across the side of the bus reading ?Fags Mobile.? The bus driver reported that he witnessed a middle-aged woman and a teenager drive away from the scene, possibly a mother and son. The vandalism and suspect description were reported to Cleveland police, who are investigating the crime.

?The attack on the bus is hate speech, plain and simple, spelled out for everyone to read,? said Jacob Reitan, Equality Ride co-director. ?But a more subtle form of hate speech happens when students at the schools we are visiting are told they are sick and sinful just for being the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people God made them to be.?


View Article  Local Anti-War Movement Gains Queer Contingent

Check this out from the City Paper 

The March 18 anti-war march from East Liberty to Oakland has gained a new queer contingent. And the weekend?s activities -- which mark the beginning of the Iraq War?s fourth year -- has spawned concerts and opened a Greensburg front this year as well.


In addition to the usual groups, headed up by march sponsor The Thomas Merton Center in Garfield, the March 18 demonstration will include the new Steel Queer N?at queer artists collective.


The group was formed in November, says member Cole Lea of Wilkinsburg. ?We haven?t had as much visibility as straight white men who are good speakers,? Lea says. ?Political activism is crucial to our survival as queer artists. This is an extension of our day-to-day lives.?


Here's more on the queer group -- SteelQueer N'At BlowOUT on 3/24!!!!!


Friday, March 24th at the Pittsburgh Eagle (1740 Eckert St in the N. Side, 412.766.7222). Doors open at 8:30 p.m., show begins at 9:00 p.m (on time!). 21 and over.

Immerse yourself in a world of fly, fresh queer artists. SteelQueer N'At is bringing you eclectic artsits, performers and musicians. Look out--we've got quarterly queer cabaret blowouts to showcase the best talent Pittsburgh has to offer. Everything from soulful singers to sensual burlesque acts. We've got what you want and what you didn't even know you need. We're connecting creative queer folks in the Burgh! Come enjoy our show--we'll make you dance, laugh, and we guarantee you'll be back for more! See you there!
Tickets available from the Big Idea Bookstore (504 S. Millvale in Bloomfield) or A Pleasant Present (2301 Murray Ave in Squirrel Hill) - $5 in advance, $8 at the door, but we expect this show to SELL OUT!

View Article  Clear Channel Protects Tom Delay


From Progressive PA Politics ....

SHAME! Part III. Clear Channel won't run anti-Gerlach billboard.March 16, 2006Speaking of limiting democracy, Clear Channel won't let supporters of Lois Murphy (D) to
advertise on their billboards in the 6th CD.  Clear Channel, which owns most of the
billboards in the district, says they won't run a billboard (see above) that links incumbent
Jim Gerlach (R) to Tom DeLay and asks Gerlach to return the money DeLay gave to
Gerlach's campaign.  Clear Channel, according to the Murphy campaign, refuses to run
the billboards because the billboards "might make Jim Gerlach mad.?


View Article  Another Update on Marriage Amendment

From the ACLU lobbiest:

"He feels that we can still win this battle, BUT THE IMPORTANT THING IS TO PUT A HUMAN FACE ON THIS AMENDMENT!  State legislators and state senators need to meet people, both GLBT and straight, who oppose this amendment.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to set up district office visits to speak with them about how this amendment impacts you, your family, your friends. The ACLU Community Organizers, working with the Women's Law Project, will be helping people set up these meetings and working with them on how to speak to elected officials."

We are trying to up an appointment with our state representative, Mike Diven.  You need to do the same thing.  You being gay and straight people.  Married, unmarried and in between.  Here's the links for the ACLU and for the Women's Law Project.



View Article  Notes on anti-gay boycotts

According to the New York Times, advertising in gay media has been on the rise. Rivendell Media, an advertising representative for gay and lesbian media outlets in Mountainside, N.J., said spending in publications aimed at gay audiences rose 2 percent in 2005, to $212 million. From 2003 to 2004, spending increased 28 percent. This year, Rivendell expects another large increase.

"Smart companies would say it's all about being inclusive anyway," the chief executive of Rivendell, Todd Evans, said. "Its so funny how laissez-faire it is now to advertise to this market."


28% increase in LGBT targeted advertising spending?  So much for the impact of the wingnuts boycotts.   (18 wingnut homo-hating groups have reinstated a boycott of Ford b/c of its continued advertising investments in LGBT media sources.  Note that the original boycott had 43 participating groups. I'm not going to post a link to this garbage so you can just read the NYT for all the details).

Homo-bloggers around the country have been noting this little-boy cott as an example of just another desperately petty attempt by the wingnuts to isolate homos.  But the evidence don't lie!  We are a firmly entrenched target market for lots and lots and lots of advertising dollars. 

The national LGBT labor organization Pride at Work has issued a statement making the excellent point that boycotting Ford is only going to hurt more American working families (30,000 workers are due to be laid off).  

So all you anti-gay marriage zealots need to step up and explain to these 30,000 families how lesbians pose a greater threat to their families than losing their jobs, health insurance and pension.  I'd really like to know.


View Article  Homo Lovers, Homo Haters Issue Press Releases on Gay Marriage

Here's the latest from our friend Dan Frankel ......... 

"This amendment would put at risk vital legal protections for thousands
of unmarried same-sex and opposite-sex couples in Pennsylvania,
including many senior citizens. Rushing this amendment through would
jeopardize their inheritance rights and their rights to make medical
decisions for each other."

And our homohating foe Darryl Metcalfe (shown with his traditional family)  Metcalfe_swearing-in.jpg

?The definition of marriage as ?the union of one man and one woman? that we offer in this legislation is the traditional definition of marriage that has been recognized and accepted throughout history and throughout the world,? Metcalfe said.  ?I encourage all Pennsylvanians who value traditional marriage, and who want to see it protected to sign the petition and contact their state legislators to urge them to support House Bill 2381.?

Excuse me while I go vomit.  I'd blame the Chinese food I ate, but I'm sure I'm choking on hypocrisy.  If you visit Metcalfe's site, you'll feel the same.  What a pretentious oaf. 

Listen up, Butler County residents!  This idiot has swindled you into believing that gay marriage is such a threat to your family that it demands his immediate attention even though, EVEN THOUGH, it is currently illegal in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  You are PAYING this guy to amend your constitution instead of attracting jobs to Butler County, keeping your health insurance functioning and making sure your property taxes don't overwhelm your family.  Those are FAMILY issues. 

Stay tuned for the Value All Families Coalition press release ...

View Article  Play that funky music dubya!
View Article  Update on Marriage Amendment
From the Value All Families Coalition:

The amendment is still active. So far, there has been a motion to
table the amendment for two weeks so there could be a public hearing
on the amendment. We LOST this motion on a tie vote, 14-14. The
committee has now recessed so that the legislators can go into
session. The committee will resume its discussions on the amendment
later today.

The Value All Families Coalition will be issuing a press release later

For today, while the committee is dealing with the amendment, it is
not necessary to call your representatives. The Value All Families
Coalition will update everyone within the next day on next steps.

Thanks for your patience.
View Article  Dan Frankel - Hatin' Homos Not Good For PA economy


State Rep. Dan Frankel steps up for homos once again! 

"We must fight this irrational amendment. Progress on this issue is slow
but it is steady. Look at Corporate America: about half of the Fortune
500 companies offer domestic-partner benefits - it's just equal benefits
for equal work. Eleven states provide these benefits to their employees,
as do many major universities around the country. More than 8,000 U.S.
companies now offer these benefits. While most of the country moves
forward, passing this amendment would make us a backwater for economic
development," Frankel said.

"Who would want to come to Pennsylvania to invest, to teach, to learn,
if we promote discrimination and intolerance?"

View Article  Why Does Jane Orie Hate Gay People?

State Senator Jane Orie is putting her time and energy behind persecuting homosexuals (and the 250,000 unmarried heterosexual couples in Pennsylvania).   (412) 630-9466

Western PA Senate sponsors of  Joint Resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of theCommonwealth of Pennsylvania, providing for marriage.

State Senator Bob Regola - District 39  Greensburg      724-600-7002

State Senator Don White - District 41  Indiana  (717) 787-8724

State Senator John Pippy - District 37  Moon Township  412-262-2260


Yes, Pennsylvania.  These are the folks spending YOUR tax dollars to tackle critical issues threating the welfare of your family.  You'll be extra safe from us queers while you lose your jobs, lose your healthcare, lose your home to property taxes and lose any chance your children have for a healthy future. 





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