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View Article  PG Reader Asks Bob Casey to Step Up

Edith Bell of Highland Park has got it right:

Mr. Casey is also correct that Pennsylvanians' concerns are health care, the war in Iraq and a living wage, not gay marriage or abortion rights.

Yet both our federal and state legislative bodies are compelled to whip Americans into a puritanical frenzy over anti-gay marriage amendments.  There's no sense in unwhipping (dewhipping?) them.

What we need are constructive solutions to the real problems -- a health insurance plan, a withdrawal plan, etc.  Edith names our great fear:

It is imperative for Mr. Casey to take a stand on at least these important issues, so that we can vote for something positive and not just the "lesser of two evils," which still is evil. I believe, many people will sit out the upcoming election if there are no constructive proposals by the candidate.

We will be stuck with Sen. Santorum for another six years.

I heard Mr. Casey speak with John McIntire last week I wanted him to do well and was pleased when he worked up some passion on particular issues.  If only he could do that across the board.  I was listening for his solutions.  He said he'll be issuing policies over the coming months. 

In the meantime, keep in mind that protecting marriage from marauding homosexuals is not a priority for Pennsylvanians.  No matter what Darryl Metcalfe spews out his hateful little mouth. 

Good job, Edith. 

View Article  Up To Bat - Tony Norman

I woke up with one of those sinus headaches slightly reminiscent of a hangover without the fun memories.  Another crappy Friday to muddle through. I'm scrolling through the online edition of the Post-Gazette and I stumble into the return of my all-time favorite columnist - Mr. Tony Norman.  PLUS, he even makes a gay joke about himself. 

"But here we are again, dear readers, stumbling into each other's arms for yet another awkward dance of indeterminate years. Oh, how I've missed your early morning coffee breath, your sighs of agreement and your belligerent howls of skepticism."

View Article  Rene Portland Lawsuit Expands After Coach Denigrates Player

From 365gay comes the tidbit that lawyers for Jennifer Harris, the former player suing Penn State coach Rene Portland for harassment and discrimination, have expanded the scope of the lawsuit.  This move comes after Portland made public statements degrading Harris and dismissing her athletic accomplishments. 

?We're not saying Rene does not have a right to defend herself. Of course she does,? said Harris' attorney, Karen Doering, of the National Center for Lesbian Rights. ?But the law does not permit her to make defamatory statements, which is what she has done by claiming that Jennifer was unable to make contributions to the team.?

The Tribune Review reports that the NCLR has also filed a formal complaint with Penn State's Affirmative Action Office.

"Graham Spanier is the one who said, if she is found to have violated the discrimination policy again, and this is defamation as opposed to harassment, she would be in violation of the school's policy," Doering said. "So, we will see if he does anything."

Of course he won't do anything.  He didn't really mean he would fire the winningest women's coach ever at PSU.  He meant that he would slap her on the other wrist after checking to make sure she didn't violate the real discrimination policy (aka other minority protected classes). 

If Portland were to be fired, she could probably have a nice second career as a housemother for the Duke Lacrosse team. 


View Article  Erie PrideFest set for Saturday June 10

From the Erie Gay News:

Saturday, June 10th Pride Erie Picnic Once again, the Pride Erie Picnic will be held at Presque Isle State Park at the Rotary Pavilion.We are back to having the Picnic on the traditional 2nd Saturday in June (June 10) and we will run from 1 PM to 6 PM (starts 1 hour earlier)

Now here's something very cool  In addition to celebrating gay pride, these fine folks up in the Northwestern regions also use Pride to generate support for hunger programs. 

Food Bank Donations

As we did last year, in addition to the potluck buffet, we will also be collecting nonperishable items for the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest Pennsylvania. Last year generous GLBT people and their supporters collectd 99 pounds of food. Let's see if we can top that!

Below is a list of the most needed items. Please no home-canned foods, glass containers, unsealed or opened packages, outdated baby food or formula, or bulging or severely dented cans.

Protein Group: Canned Meat (ham, meat spread, beef stew), Canned Fish, Canned Nuts, Peanut Butter, Macaroni & Cheese, Dry Beans

Breads & Cereals: Cake Mixes, Bisquick, Muffin Mix, Cornbread Mix, Dry Cereal, Oatmeal, Rice, Rice Cakes, Pasta

Milk Products: Evaporated Milk, Powdered Milk

Fruits & Vegetables: Canned Fruits, Canned Vegetables, Canned Juices, Canned Soup, Canned Spaghetti Sauce, Dried Fruits (raisins, apricots, prunes)

Other Needed Items: Coffee, Baby Products (diapers, baby wipes, powder, lotion), Household Supplies (dish soap, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies), Paper Products (toilet paper, paper towels, facial tissue, napkins), Health and Beauty Aids (toothpaste & brushes, shampoo, bar soap)

View Article  Ohio's "Marriage Amendment" Allows Another Abuser to Walk

Marriage may be safe in Ohio, but unmarried women aren't.  This past week, an appellate court overturned the conviction of an Ohio man convicted of domestic violence (a fourth degree felony) because he was not married to his victim.  The court found that the domestic violence sentence violates the constitutional amendment designed to protect marriage from activist judges and homos.

The prosecutors can opt to file a lesser charge and may appeal to the state Supreme Court. 

Hopefully, all the homo-haters appreciate the sacrifice their heterosexual, unmarried compatriates must make for their peace of mind. 

h/t Feministing

View Article  Political Junkie Calls Out Mike Pintek as Homophobe


One of Pittsburgh's most creative political bloggers put up a nugget this morning about former KDKA talk radio personality Mike Pintek using the word "homo" while hosting a program on PCNC.  Pintek was discussing the use of South Park restrooms for sexual encounters among gay men. 

According to Maria:

Mike Pintek was the host for Fridays' Get To The Point show on PCNC. During the discussion of a public restroom in South Park being listed on the Internet as a hot spot for gay men to meet, Pintek repeatedly used the word "homo." The show's panel of guests looked appalled at the use of that word, but sadly, none of them actually voiced an objection.

Now I am no fan of Mike Pintek.  And while I didn't see the show, I'm fairly certain Pintek was pressing all the gay panic buttons -- we are sexual freaks, we like to have sex near children's areas (playgrounds, daycare, etc), blah, blah, friggin blah.  Actually, I should say "gay men" not "we" because I don't think there have been many crackdowns on lesbians getting it on in the public toilets of Allegheny County.  If lesbians listed their hookup sites on the internet, there would be a line of straight men three miles long outside those venues. 

But I digress ... so yes, Mike Pintek is pretty much a bona fide idiot.  And I've expressed my thoughts on the public sex spankings.

But the word "homo" is a favorite of mine.  And I go outside the tribe all the time on this usage when I'm talking queer turkey with John McIntire on KDKA -- we homo everything.  And he pushes all sorts of boundaries; last weekend, a woman complained about the phrase "carpet muncher" in a bit he aired.  She's going to launch a hunger strike or withhold sex from her husband or something like that ... whatever. 

SATIRE.  It is satire. 

Pintek was not being satirical.  He was being a fucking dickwad.  So good for Maria for calling him out. 

View Article  Pittsburgh Queer Performance: Steel Queer N'At BlowOUT Show

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, check this out:

Steel Queer N'At BlowOUT Show

at Pittsburgh Eagle

June 2nd

Doors open at 8:30, Show starts at 9pm.

Tickets are $5 in advance, $8 at the door.



Tickets are available at A Pleasant Present and A Big Idea, or send us a message for more information.

This is a 21+ show.

Showcasing the best queer art Pittsburgh has to offer, it'll be a night of sexy burlesque, fresh musical performances, some of the region's hottest spoken word artists, and much more, topped off with a headlining performance by Sonji Woodruff (myspace/sonjimusic). The show's lineup performances by The Sweet Jezebels, Thrive, Joey Edgar, Colelea, Lakisha Wolf, Cathryn Calhoun, Grit of the Grass, ISIS da Genius, The Butch Kings, Yah Lioness, Sonji Woodruff, and more, plus surprises and giveaways.


View Article  Russian Gays Defy Homophobic Violence; Will March Again

These Russian gays are quite an intense bunch.  After facing brutality at the hands of the skinheads, the Russian Orthodox faithful and the police, they plan to rally again next year. 

"The 27th of May has been for us so far an anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in 1993 in Russia. But the gay parade in 2006 in Moscow and the situation in which it was held has given much more weight to this date," Nikolay Alexeyev told the Interfax news agency on Tuesday.

Alexeyev, who was one of about 120 gays detained by police Saturday when they attempted to hold a pride parade after Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov refused to issue them a parade permit.

Members of an extremist national group and Russian Orthodox church members attacked the marchers.  At one point a gas canister was tossed at a group of gays.

So the gays remain courageous under fire while the religious faithful turn violent?  How is this a sign of Russian moral superiority a la Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov? 

Shows what he knows.  Here in America our religious thugs don't need to team up with skinheads b/c they are already in bed with the political powers that be. 

View Article  AFA sets up Anti-Gay Ford Boycott Website

Our homo-bigot friends at the American Family Association have taken their gay hate campaign up a notch by setting up a website dedicated to boycotting Ford.  Because Ford hates freedom and is out to destroy the fabric of American families by selling cars to homosexuals.

h/t to Feministing

View Article  NYC Mayor Bloomberg Will Support Gay Marriage

   From the New York Daily News

Mayor Bloomberg landed another left on the right yesterday, coming out strongly in favor of gay marriage - and vowing the city will perform same-sex wedding ceremonies, if allowed.

The Republican mayor used his weekly Sunday radio address on Memorial Day weekend to say he is "firmly opposed" to any constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage.

President Bush and other prominent Republicans endorse the Federal Marriage Amendment, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman. The measure is set for a Senate vote next month.

"The U.S. Constitution should be something that unites, rather than divides Americans," said Bloomberg, a life-long Democrat who joined the GOP to run for mayor in 2001.

"I do not believe that government should be in the business of telling people who they can and can't marry," he added during the address on 1010 WINS.

The mayor took pains to give his comments local context, referring to a lawsuit due before the state Court of Appeals tomorrow that focuses on five same-sex couples seeking marriage licenses in New York City.

Bloomberg recently took a stand against the Bush White House by advocating for stronger gun control laws as well as lambasting the wingnuts for their anti-stem cell research, pro-intelligent design stance. 

Bloomberg was slightly more subdued yesterday, saying he was trying to strike a balance between enforcing the laws of the land and working to change those laws that he considers unconstitutional.

"I believe New Yorkers should have the right to marry whomever they choose, regardless of sexual orientation," he said.

"If they [the Court of Appeals] rule that same-sex marriages are legal, then we'll perform them," he vowed.

Click here to listen to the address.

This terrifies Pennsylvania wingnuts who recognize that banning gay marriage is ultimately unconstitutional and tremble as the interstate marriage recognition issue inexorably inches toward the Supreme Court. Hence, the desperate scramble to amend the Pennsylvania Constitution. 

If marriage is legalized in NY, we may go there to wed.  That would be nice.

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