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View Article  Square Cafe - No Longer A Performance Venue?

From their myspace bulletin board, comes word that the Square Cafe will no longer be featuring performances of any kind.  This Friday's variety show will be the last performance for the summer.

You know this probably sucks for a bunch of other people waaaayyy more than me, but I am majorly bummed.  And tonight I was just talking about this whole thing with a bunch of cool dykes.  Ah well ....I'm still going on Friday.  And I'll be back for waffles ...

View Article  McCain - Don't Ask Don't Tell Working Just Fine

In a move that makes one start to contemplate the early onset of dementia, Senator John McCain is all for DADT (PageOneQ).

When asked by [Boston]Edge reporter Peter Cassels his position on DADT, McCain replied, "All the senior members of the military say that it's working." When asked directly if he would vote for Massachusetts Congressman Marty Meehan's bill (H.R. 1059) to repeal the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy, McCain said, "No."

Uh huh.

According to the Washington Post, the cost to taxpayers for discharging and replacing gay servicemembers between 1994 and 2003 was $364 million dollars.  A total of 9,500 servicemembers were discharged in that time period because they are gay.  That's 9,500 able-bodied people with essential skills, talents and training.  That includes individuals versed in both Arabic and Farsi -- fired b/c of their sexual orientation.  Is that really in the best interest of national security?

And this from the House Blend ...

Meanwhile, recruitment has tanked, resulting in a lowering of standards, admitting people convicted of aggravated assault, robbery, vehicular manslaughter, receiving stolen property and making terrorist threats. That's truly an Army of One.

Oh yes, and this week the Army announced, for the second time since January, that it has raised the maximum age for recruits. The first bump was from 35 to 40. This week. the new ceiling is 42, for both active-duty Army or the part-time Army Reserve and National Guard.

Why I'm sure the homosexuals have been wrecking havoc throughout the military.  What with our "I wanna get married" whining and the whole obsession on retaining custody of our children.  Not to mention the fact that we insist on finding treatments and a cure for AIDS. 

I was going to make a snide little reference to slaughtering civilians, but then I realized that it is not necessary.  The stupidity of this policy and its infringement on our community's self-determination is the point.  If homosexuals want to be part of the military, they should be evaluated on their qualifications period. 

McCain is a loon. 

Photo is from PageOneQ.  It speaks volumes.

View Article  Has the PG's Specter Been Sniffing Nail Polish?

I think the PG's poser-columnist Catherine Specter is losing her grip.  Not only does she continue her relentless campaign to drag unsuspecting yinzerettes back into her 1950's delusional reality, but now she's just rambling incoherently ... who made the decision to give her a column?

First, she makes a bizarre allusion to  Darwin out of nowhere in order to make a rather weird point about embracing your gay friends.  Right after pointing out that all relationships improve or die.  Huh?

Second to bat is a single chick who doesn't want to get married and gives a big feminist shout out to all her sisters in the same boat.  Does Specter accept the props?  No, she has to get in a little marriage dig.  And there's this little gem:

Cat's Call: If you find someone who brings out the best in you, don't let it go just for the sake of staying single.

OK, cause that's what the woman is doing.  She's staying single on principle, not because it is a valid life choice.  I'm sure if Cat helped her "prettify her attitude" things would be much better in terms of taking down a man, er getting a husband.

Finally, there is this jumble of words that I can only interpret as a desperate cry for help from the author:

DEAR S.I.T.M: Emotions can be too nebulous to define, but the metric is simpler when it comes to relationships. You're either committed or not, and your heart is either in it or not. You are in the commitment without the emotion. "They" can say what they want, but I say the opposite of love is indifference. Where does that leave you?

Cat's Call: If you only get halfway to anywhere ...

If you only get halfway to anywhere ... you are still somewhere?  Its the journey not the destination?  Sometimes the road signs are wrong?  You are a bisexual?  Again, WTF?

I suspect Specter made a pact with the devil to trade her self-respect for a chance to be Pittsburgh's Carrie Bradshaw.  Now she's decompensating and soon will emerge as a minor-league Ann Coulter clone ...


View Article  Speaking of the Tribune-Review and Santorum ...

Surf on over to see what our good friend and ally David aka Political Junkie has to say about Santorum and the Tribune Review this morning ...one of his strongest blog posts. 

View Article  PA HomoBigots New Anti-Gay Marriage Strategy

According to the Trib, they want a constitutional convention.  And guess who supports it?  Wingnut grand poobah Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council.  See what Pam has to say about him

Again, I'm beating a dead horse, but the Democratic leadership better wake up. The Right is not going to leave gay marriage alone. You are going to have respond with a real position on gay civil rights. These folks are relentless and will continue to mobilize against candidates that take a mealy-mouth "position" and win. They have the money, the boots on the ground, and most of all, commitment to their agenda because they believe that they are right. Where are the Dems?

The position of voting FOR amending the constitution to protect marriage from homosexuals is not "a real position on gay civil rights."  It is capitulation pure and simple.  They want to have their cake and eat it, too.  And Tony Perkins is going to continue pushing our regressive Democrats here in Western PA further and further back into a corner until they abandon homosexuals altogether.  And he has the $$ to do it.

View Article  PG says Rendell Principled, Senate and House Bigoted

From Sunday's Post-Gazette comes a little "Aside" by the PG editors putting Rendell's PrideFest visit into the context of the larger  movement by PA Republicans AND Democrats to write hate into our state constitution.

SOMETIMES A POLITICIAN will speak out as a matter of principle even though it might offend some constituents (hey, it happens, and it is refreshing when it does). With many lawmakers in full cry to pass an anti-gay marriage amendment that would serve no purpose other that than to write bigotry into the state constitution, the politically smart thing for Gov. Ed Rendell to do last weekend might have been to stay far away from the gay pride march in Pittsburgh. Instead, he was there to kick it off

It would appear that the Post-Gazette editorial board is as politically unsophisticated as me in thinking that the Senate's passage of a the amendment (even in its amended form) by DEMOCRATS and Rethuglicans is not the most stirring sign of support for the homos.

It is refreshing to have witnessed some political principle firsthand and to see the PG acknowledge it.

View Article  Go to the Square Cafe Friday Night -- Be Entertained and Well Fed

  This morning, I dragged my ass out of bed at 7 AM and discovered that we had neither milk nor orange juice.  Since we did have coffee, I was cool, but I knew that herself would want to be fed eventually.  So I suggested we dine out for breakfast.  I admit I was thinking Eat'NPark.  But she had the brilliant idea of going to the Square Cafe in Regent Square. 

We had been there before to catch the luminous Eve Goodman perform, but only sampled some of the hummus and beverages.  So anyway, I called to determine their breakfast serving hours (all day) and lo and behold, guess who answers the phone?  Gab Bonesso, the comedy chick we met the other day when we went to see John McIntire perform at the Funny Bone. 

Its obviously a cool place to work because Gab, Autumn Ayers and a few other friendly employees all took turns waiting on us (and making us laugh).  Let me just tell you that the waffles have this secret ingredient (orange juice) that make them taste like something right out of an episode of The Waltons.  Before Grandma had her stroke and she made huge country breakfasts for the entire clan in her tidy little homemade dress ... I bet she put some of The Recipe in those waffles.  All we ever had as chez Kerr were the Eggo kind, actually the generic version of Eggos.  My grandmother was more of a Shredded Wheat and prune juice for breakfast kind of gal.  Since she's 90 now and never had a stroke like Grandma Walton,  I guess there's something to be said for Shredded Wheat.  But I digress ...

Anyway, being waited on by creative artisty people is much more fun than your typical slack jawed yinzerette with a permanent cigarette droop to her lip and a snarl that makes you think twice before asking for something on the side.   Like the chick at Soho last week (PrideFest nonetheless) who accidentally threw honey mustard all over Ledcat and MY PURSE.  It was an accident, but it took 13 minutes for her to get us a wet cloth.  In the meantime, I unrolled 13 sets of silverware from 5 surrounding tables to use the cloth napkins.  Which seemed to displease her.  I hope she delivered a baby in that 13 minutes because I cannot imagine what would be more important than removing honey mustard from your customers.  So like a good lesbian, I spoke to the manager but to my credit I left her a really big tip b/c I know it was HIS fault for her being harried. But I digress again ....its like 99 degrees up here in the Correspondents computer lair so forgive me.

Anyway, next Friday at the Square Cafe you have the opportunity to catch both Gab and Autumn performing LIVE.  and you can have some of the delish hummus.  Or a real meal which is what we plan to do ...possibly you can have OJ infused waffles.  But I'm not making any promises since i don't actually work there.  I am fairly sure you can make it through the evening without being dipped in honey mustard, but then again you might like that so ...

You must, however, promise to laugh at the abortion jokes. 

Well the Correspondents are off in pursuit of sno-cones from Gus and Yaya ...

8 PM   Friday June 30 Square Cafe ---  A Homo-Affirming Business ... be there and be square ... god I sound like McIntire now .... it really is the heat ... or maybe they infused my waffles with mimosas ...

View Article  Simon Malls ID Smiley Face Bandana as Offensive

h/t Shakespeare's Sister

Simon Property Group  forced a 10-year old girl in one of its Missouri malls to remove a bandana decorated with smiley faces, peace signs and flowers.  The 10 year old had violated item No. 10 on the list of 17 offenses: "failing to be fully clothed or wearing apparel which is likely to provide a disturbance or embroil other groups or the general public in open conflict." (Columbia Daily Tribune)

Simon Property has refused to explain how a smiley face bandana promotes disturbances or conflict.

Christine Moses, director of mall marketing, noted the mall is privately owned and behavior on its premises can be regulated.

"The bottom line is we want to have an environment (conducive) to shopping. Offensive apparel does not fit in with that environment," she said, although she could not say how the bandanna was offensive.

Ironically, the JC Penney store in that very same mall sells ... decorated bandannas. 

Here's the best part.  Simon officials won't tell us what clothing is acceptable on their private property and what is not acceptable.

Mall officials won?t clarify what clothing and accessories are prohibited.

"The code of conduct is pretty clear, and, you know, I think common sense should prevail," said Les Morris, spokesman for Simon Property Group Inc., which owns the mall.

Given that Simons is the owner of three of our own lovely and talented malls - Century III, Ross Park and South Hills Village, we should probably know.

I'm guessing clothing worn predominantly by teenagers, African-Americans and homosexuals will be high up on that list.  Not so much Mom jeans, tee shirts with pot belly stretch marks and Alfred Dunner mix 'n match.

View Article  Photos from Pittsburgh PrideFest 2006

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell speaks to the crowd at the beginning of the Pride Awareness March on Saturday, June 17, 2006.  Click on the image to see other photos from PrideFest posted on the Gay & Lesbian Community Center website. 

For those of you with great suggestions on how to improve PrideFest, you can find information on joining the PrideFest Committee.  That would be the most effective way to actually make Pride more queer-friendly, more political, more-woman friendly, more youth-friendly, more vegetarian friendly, more low income friendly, recruit more pride merchandise venders, diversify the entertainment, increase the activities ... and the whole host of other things I have heard people complain about over the past weeks. 

Or you can continue to complain and be part of the problem. 

View Article  Rainbow Flag Stolen from PA Gay Friendly Church:

Penns Park United Methodist Church in Wrightstown could teach a few Pittsburgh pastoral "shepherds" a few things about tolerance, love and standing up to bigotry.  (365gay.com)

A gay affirming congregation, they proudly displayed a rainbow flag in front of their church building as a sign that everyone is welcome. 

Earlier this week, some pathetic homo-bigot decided to steal the flag, an action the church's pastor attributes to the dischord caused by the marriage amendment debate.  (Wanna bet it was a self-styled Christian who stole it?)

But the real story here is how the Church has responded to this prank, mischief, theft, whatever.

The Rev. Ginny Miles has one message for whoever stole a Rainbow flag from in front of  Penns Park United Methodist Church in Wrightstown: Put it back or I'll put two more flags in its place.

And Miles says that each time a flag is stolen two more will go up until there is no more room on the church lawn.

Amen, sister.  You do Christians proud. 

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