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View Article  Santorum and Hart Spokesfags Featured in "Homosexual Agenda" video

Woo Hoo, Pennsylvania!  We may not have any known homosexual Republican Members of Congress BUT we do have two key staffers deeply embedded in the right wing effort to eradicate our community (or "cure us").  And its celebrated in a lovely You Tube video. 

That would be Robert Traynham, Rick Santorum's Spokesfag and new best friend of John McIntire.  And Lee Cohen, Spokesfag for Melissa Hart.  I suspect Mr. Cohen might have a bit of an inferiority complex as Rob T. gets all the attention while Lee is in the background also doing his very best to keep an anti-gay Republican in power. But he doesn't get to make unannounced visits to the John McIntire show.  Nosiree bob, instead he's got to spin situations with donuts and old people  - how is that gonna get him any man on dog action? What's a spokesfag gotta do to get some credit for betraying his own community?

I just love this image ...

Traynhan and Cohen are building their careers at the expense of you and I, at the expense of our civil rights, our full and equal participation in society, our safety and the welfare of our families. 

Five days left to make sure Traynham and Cohen seek work in the private sector where they can do less damage to our families.  Traynham and Cohen both deserve to spend years toiling at low wage jobs with no domestic partner benefits and little gay tolerance, but that ain't gonna happen.  They are self-loathing asses who put their personal advancement well ahead of any sense of loyalty to those of us in the community with less power, connection or access. 

View Article  Gay Round Up -- Stuff Ya Might Want To Know

Your taxdollars are paying for research to degay sheep.  Researchers at Oregon State University and Oregon Health & Science University are conducting hormone altering experiments designed to turn gay sheep heterosexual. 

OHSU experimenter Charles Roselli is drugging pregnant sheep to prevent the actions of hormones in their fetuses? brains and cutting open the brains of rams he calls ?male-oriented? (homosexual) in an attempt to find the hormonal mechanisms behind homosexual tendencies so that they can subsequently be changed. Roselli?s cohort, Frederick Stormshak of OSU, has surgically installed an estrogen device in rams? bodies in an effort to alter ?gay sheep?s? sexual preferences and make them heterosexual. According to the grant applications, the experimenters plan to extrapolate the test results to humans?with the insidious implication that homosexuality in people can be ?cured.?

Go to www.stopanimaltests.com for more information. Ain't that nice?  We'll be cured from having healthy mature relationships.  Unlike this good family Christian man:

Facing shocking allegations that he paid a gay prostitute for sex, prominent Colorado Springs pastor Ted Haggard placed himself on administrative leave Thursday from his church position and resigned as president of the National Association of Evangelicals, a platform that made him a rising star in conservative politics.

He used meth, cheated on his wife and engaged in "gay" sex, but he'll end up in rehab with the sheeplets praying for his cure.  Too bad he won't end up acknowledging his mistakes and apologize to the people he hurt (aside from his family of course) --- HOMOS.  Pam has a link to Haggard preaching on the evils of homosexuality. 

Some gays have put together a cute little spoof of the Tennessee RNC "Call Me" commercial targeting Ken Mehlman


View Article  Could Oscar Wilde play turn Pleasant Hills man gay?

Merle Jantz of Pleasant Hills had me going for two sentences.

It is with an overwhelming sense of alarm that I read that the Upper St. Clair school body is to perform "The Importance of Being Earnest." ["Wilde's 'Earnest' Brings Smiles," South, Oct. 26.]

Do they not know that this play was written by a convicted homosexual?

Oh no, I groaned.  Another homophobe takes the self-righteous high road.

But I was wrong. 

Are they not in the least concerned that, by allowing this play to be performed in front of impressionable young minds, they run the risk of turning the entire high school into Sodomites? Which will, in turn, as Sen. [Rick] Santorum has taught us, force men to have sex with dogs.

I am uncertain how far this ripple effect extends, but I live in Pleasant Hills and do not want to take any chances.

Dr. [Daniel] Iracki, Ms. [Carol] Coliani, all the rest of the Thought Police deputies, please, do your duty and stop this play from happening before I do something inappropriate to my neighbor's beagle.

His fate is squarely in your hands.

Merle hits all the high notes --- doggie sex, thought police, references to Sodom, and even the word "duty."  But what can you expect from USC -- land that killed the International Baccalaureate Program and then let the state bail it out while other school districts lack proper books and student/teach ratios.  Those are some good family values, huh? 

Merle, homosexuals throughout the land salute you. 

View Article  Sharpton: Less Homophobia, More Social Justice

African-American civil rights activists and would be Presidential candidate Al Sharpton called out the Christian right for obsessing on gay rights and abortion to the peril of social justice issues including poverty, education and civil rights.

Tony Perkins, official spokeswhore for the wingnuts, disagrees.  He believes that poverty and education issues are symptoms of a the breakdown of the family unit. 

So if we criminalize abortion and homosexuality, we'll end poverty.  Huh.

I'm with Al. 

View Article  Nov 9 - Celebrate Electoral Victory With Good Music

Now I full anticipate that next Wednesday will be a day filled with heady delight, incoherent joy and perhaps a little big of regret over the ones that got away.  I'm putting the cart before the horse by mentioning celebrations, but its never too early to get your gloating plans organized. 

By Thursday you might be ready to come back down to earth, but continue celebrating.  Here's the event for you.

Our friend singer-songwriter Eve Goodman has brought an upcoming performance to our attention. 

Thursday November 9, Nashville based performer Amelia White rolls into town for a one-night performance at the Shadow Lounge.  Opening acts include longtime PghLesbian favorites Bill Eberle and Autumn Ayers.  The show is $10.00.

When I listened to Amelia's music, I thought "Aimee Mann meets Jewel" without Aimee Mann's endless self-absorbed rambling  with the fact that she lost the Oscar to the Tarzan theme song. 

Amelia is highly recommended by Eve.  Click on her name to go to her MySpace page.  And check her out live next week.  We need to support independent artists and voices in the entertainment industry as well as the political realm.  Plus the Shadow Lounge rocks.  Its a smoke-free venue which you know pleases me. 

View Article  Trib Reader -- Why I Vote "Straight" Republican

With all the Bush (Republican) bashing going on, here are the top 10 reasons to never vote Democrat:

10 -- Complete amnesty for illegals

9 -- Full Social Security for illegals

I hate the term "illegals"  The Republicans have done an excellent job with that one -- it makes my skin crawl to hear fellow human beings dehumanized so succintly.  I did,  however, hear that the Democrats were going to give everyone who came to this country illegally a new car, a home in an affluent white suburb and admission for their kids to the preppy school of their choice.  Howard Hanna is going to start printing signs in two languages!

8 -- Undo Bush's tax cuts

7 -- Tax increases

Well, gotta pay for all those new immigration perks somehow ....

6 -- Abortion on demand

There's talk of opening satellite Planned Parenthood clinics in all the public schools.  To save time.

5 -- Equal rights for all, including murderers, rapists and pornographers

And poor people, people of color, women, homosexuals, persons with disabilities, formerly incarcerated persons, homeless persons, etc, etc, etc ...

4-- Remove all mention of God in public buildings

This rankis higher than illegals and rapists?  Huh. Anyway, Democrats wil probably make Christianity illegal to keep it from interfering from the baby killing. 

3 -- Promote gay/lesbian marriage

We're number 3!  We're number 3!  Gay marriage is higher up on the Democrat agenda than immigration, choice, God, even taxes!

2 -- Kinder treatment of terrorists

Care packages and extra socks?

1 -- Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House.

Oh, scariest of all .... women in power.  Liberal women!  Ohhhhhhhh ......

Art Olszewski
Mt. Lebanon

Mr. Olszewski, only the fact that it is my mother's 64th birthday today keeps me from giving you a lesbian tongue lashing and not the good kind you fantasize about late at night when your stodgy Republican moralist facade comes off and you become the actual vulnerable human being.  Or maybe you don't.  Your little thrust and parry won't do a damn thing to convince a reasonable person to vote for Ricky, Missy or any of their ilk.  

Nice try.

View Article  The ultimate costume: Family Values

Here's a nice little glimpse into the twisted workings of a small mind courtesy of the Philadelphia Daily News:

Alternate lifestyle

Re Gay and Lesbian History Month:

I know we're trying to tell kids this is normal, but why don't we try something really perverse, a Heterosexual Month? That's when we have a real dad and mom at home where the kids see dad go to work every morning, and they have a real mom to run to when they have a problem.

Richie Rim, Philadelphia

Richie is responding to the local school districts decision to include Gay and Lesbian History Month on the school calendar.  You know, as part of the plan to recruit vulnerable children as playthings for lecherous middle age homos.  Since unlike the Catholic Church we don't have our own schools as recruiting grounds, we have to count on the Godless liberals to give us access to the public schools.

This is obviously a stupid arguement made by a small-minded literal fool on par with those who want a White History Month or a Male History Month to counter African-American History Month and Women's History Month respectively. 

It also appears to be the arguement of someone who belives he grew up in an episode of Happy Days, instead of the Rim family somewhere in the bowels of Philadephia.  Perhaps Richie isn't really his name?  Maybe he can tell us what happened to big brother Chuck after the first season --- what kind of family values writes off a 6 foot son because he ain't funny?

What Richie proposes is the ultimate costume for Halloween -- the make believe nuclear family.  Sure "real" Dad goes to work everyday where he is humiliated by his boss, has a stomach ulcer and having quickies with the secretary in his office.  Meanwhile Mom downs a fifth of gin after the housework is done and fantasizes impaling her husband with his neck tie rack.  But the important thing is that they are married to each other and spawning future generations of breeders for all the world to see. 

Richie you suck dude.  Actually that could be part of the problem.  :-)

Happy Halloween everyone.  This year Ledcat and I went as "Lesbian Bed Death"  Mona the wonder dog went as a dog. 

View Article  Western PA's most notorious would be lesbian disses seniors - Video!

Our buddies at 2 Political Junkies have the video in which senior citizens bearing donuts are kicked out of Melissa Hart's office.  Hart's explanation is full of holes itself ...

Our Allison Park office is a place of business, not politics. Their unruly behavior not only inhibited our ability to assist constituents with real requests for help, it also infringes on our constituents privacy. We always welcome constituents into our offices who have real problems or who want to deliver real input on the issues. This was, unfortunately, not the case today."

I bet Jason Altmire would appreciate a few donuts.

Speaking of Malicious Hart, she has now surpassed Yarone Zober (remember him?) as the target of the most "are they gay?" inquiries on pghlesbian.com.  Many inquiries a day come in from yahoo, google, match.com, etc with the search phrase "'Melissa Hart' lesbian"  And I'm getting those questions all about town, as if I somehow have magical information.  Alas, much innuendo but little concrete fact. 

What does bug me is how people really truly want her to be a lesbian and not in a good way.  As if somehow the fact that she's gay would explain things about her. She's obviously a smart powerful woman (let's give her that) with no man nearby so she must be a dyke.  I hope she isn't gay b/c she no friend to the LGBT community and it would be hideous if she was one of us.  A lesbian suckling George Bush and the Dark Overlord is not a pretty site. 

Melissa Hart - let's straighten her out.

View Article  Sign Petition Calling for Admission of Women to Michigan Womyn's Music Festival

UPDATE:  Thanks to Correspondent Emilia for pointing out that there was a problem with this petition.  I delinked it while that gets figured out.  Must admit, its a good lesson for me in trusting my gut b/c the petition didn't seem to jibe with what feministing reported.  Next time, trust gut. 



h/t feministing

Check this out ...

Keeping the Best Interests of the Greater Community of Women in Mind: A Declaration and Affirmation of the Importance and Necessity of Woman-Only Spaces

We are a coalition of women (born women) and transwomen.  As feminists committed to the liberation of women and an end to gender, we have found analysis and critique of the goals, strategy and methodology of the transgender movement imperative.  At the same time, we remain committed to one another and to all women, women (born women) and transwomen, as a class of human beings subordinated under male heterosupremacy.
We are dismayed by the polarization which currently exists in the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival community, specifically, and in the feminist and progressive communities, in general, over the issue of woman (born woman) only spaces.  For this reason, we have come together to write this declaration.

Surf over and give it some consideration ...

View Article  Mea Culpa to the Post-Gazette

Ledcat has pointed out to me that I am wrong.  Well, okay, so that's a pretty frequent occurance but in this case it impacts the blog and not just the proper way to fold sheets or mop the floor. 

Yesterday, in a mocha haze, I claimed that the Post-Gazette did NOT cover the New Jersey Supreme Court decision requiring the state legislative body to extend marriage rights to all residents.  Ledcat informed me that the print edition of the paper ran an AP story on that very topic this past Thursday.  It is not available at the PG website.  Here's a copy directly from the AP.

At least, I think that's a copy of the right article. I cannot search the print edition which is buried in an ever increasing stack of papers behind Ledcat's desk in her office.  I get exactly 17.5 minutes each morning to read the print edition before it is whisked away.  I usually start with the comics.  Unless its Tony Norman day. Every day should be Tony Norman day. 

So I was wrong.  I'm sorry Post-Gazette.  Please don't throw my paper into the puddle tomorrow morning, especially if I am still in my socks.  I promise that I will read the paper properly for one week.  I'll even read Ruth Ann.  But I won't like it.

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