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View Article  PG Reader: Loud and Proud Homophobe

This morning the PG published a letter from Mark Santucci of Ross who objects to the bias of the PG on gay marriage.

The Post-Gazette needs to be more balanced in its story selections. The vast majority of people in Pennsylvania feel that marriage is only between one man and one woman. Traditional marriage, as understood for thousands of years and all societies, is the way to bring up the next generation (children). Many studies have found that the best way to raise children is in a traditional marriage with a committed father and mother.

So many inaccuracies, so little time.  Here's a link showing that while the majority of Americans are not yet in favor of gay marriage, those who are have been steadily increasing over the years.  Not to mention that the majority of Americans are in favor of civil unions or a similiar arrangement.  I highly doubt that Pennsylvania is that different.

The 2000 Census showed that there are 237,622 unmarried heterosexual couples in Pennsylvania, many raising children.  Obviously "traditional marriage" isn't the be all, end all for everyone. 

I'm going to leave the debunking schtick to 2 Political Junkies.  Mr. Santucci's sweeping statements as evidenced by the phrase "thousands of years" "all societies" and "many studies" are proof that he simply does not know what he is talking about and must fall back on overarching generalities in lieu of a fact-laden arguement.

I'm actually glad to read these little missives.  The true believers won't be swayed by the facts anyway.  The middle of the roaders, however, probably know at least one single parent or gay couple or grandparent raising a grandchild and would hesitate to say that their families are lesser than a "traditional" family.  But, of course, widows and abandoned women raising children, as well as extended family members, have been with us since the dawn of time.  Hmmm.

Not feeling well today here in Lesbian Central so I guess I don't have the oomph to delve any further. 


View Article  Luke to distance himself from rich old white guys? Not likely

Does this mean Luke and Yarone have to take down the "No Gurls Allowed" signs from their wing of the City-County Building?

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, speaking to the crowd, said he had not made many female appointments since taking office, citing two additions, but pledged to "diversifying" city government wherever possible.

"I want you to know we will work for equal pay," said the mayor, clutching one of the cardboard "Will Work for Equality" signs.

Well, we can all pack up and go home because Luke made a promise and we all know how good he is on ... well, telling the truth. 

Good lord, the boy-mayor has absolutely no intention of appointing anyone who isn't part of the good old boys network on his watch.  He might maybe perhaps appoint a socially conservative white woman who knows her place and can keep her mouth shut.  Maybe. 

This is the adminstration that fired BJ Leber.  Sure there's a handsome new puppet instead of an incapacitated old one, but the fact is that the power mongerers have not changed.

Do you think the Will Work for Equality sign burned in his sweaty clutch or left a Harry Potter scar on his palm? 


View Article  Funny Man

New York based comedian Victor Varnado is hysterical.  Check out this Village Voice article to see for yourselves.  He occasionally rolls into town courtesy of local comedian Gab Bonesso


Disclosure and update:  Ledcat told me I wasn't being completely honest about this post.  We saw Victor a few weeks ago when he came to town for the anniversary tour we had caught the year before.  I introduced myself to him.  He gave me the limp, damp handshake and barely mouthed "nice to meet you" before sighing deeply and turning away to talk with his friends.  I was pissed.  Ledcat was more compassionate and assumed that he has an on-stage and off-stage switch.  I still say if someone shows up to see you perform, pays for it and learns that because of a screw-up on your end they have to wait an entire hour ... you could at least PRETEND to interact with them.  Acting.  Its called acting.  I fake being interested in people all the time.  At work.  At family gatherings.  Its called acting. 

Thus, Victor is funny but not very well-mannered.  It does matter.


View Article  Butchin' Up Jesus

Courtesy of Pam's House Blend, this is hysterical:


 Fishermen, Inc. makes figurines of Jesus participating in very butch activities like playing football, riding bulls, and engaging in the rawest, most manly, and sacred capitalist endeavor, working for food. These little statues are exactly what Our Lord needs to convince us that he's as heterosexual as the Pope or your average mega-church pastor--I mean who ever heard of a homosexual cowboy or football player?).

I'm picturing a petition-carrying Jesus figurine to cover the former and Our Savior fitting a ball gag on a sailor to take care of the latter. I suppose a shout out to the Illinois Family Institute's Peter LaBarbera would also be useful, maybe a leather-and-nipple-chain-clad Jesus going undercover to document the atrocities at a pride event. I don't think there's anything that gives a man more hetero cred than being a secret agent in the war against sodomy. It sure works for Mr. LaBarbera.

I'm not sure football Jesus is wearing the appropriate head gear and might in fact be a poor role model for small children.  Unless repeated concussions make you more malleable?  Hmmm.

View Article  Gay Quote of the Day ...

"The world is a much happier place when you figure out if you are the pin or the cushion."

Berta, Two and a Half Men

View Article  Pittsburgh Gay Fest 2007: Pride in the Street

View Article  A Little Gay Round Up Makes Everyone Happy

New York Governor Elliot Spitzer plans to introduce legislation to legalize same sex marriage in New York.  What can we say other than -- yeah!

Here in Pittsburgh, Beverly Heights Presbyterian Church voted themselves off the island of mainstream Presbyterianity and into the conservative boat known as the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. But its not about the gays.

Although debates over gay ordination and gay marriage get the most attention in the divided denomination, the Rev. Wolling said those were not what spurred the decision to leave. He said he believes the denomination has turned from classical Trinitarian theology and from belief that Jesus is the divine son of God and sole savior of humanity.


Penn State has hired a new coach for the women's basketball team ... with the lyrical name of Coquese Washington.  I love her already.  And I'm not a basketball fan ...

Then there's the latest from the Vatican's halls of intolerance ...

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The Vatican's second-highest ranking doctrinal official on Monday forcefully branded homosexual marriage an evil and denounced abortion and euthanasia as forms of "terrorism with a human face."

Pam talks about the impending legalization of gay couples to adopt in Colorado.

View Article  Allegheny County Dems Invite the Gays Over For a Chat

Just received this announcement about an upcoming event sponsored by the Allegheny County Democratic Committee.  Hmmm ... here's my initial reaction.  First, while well intentioned, I think focusing on "issues of concern" puts a bit of a negative spin on the dialogue.  We aren't necessarily going to show up to whine.  Perhaps just GLBT Issues would have been more effective.

My issues of concern?  How about extending non-discrimination protections beyond city limits to the entire county?  Or providing full domestic partnership benefits?  Or putting some openly LGBT individuals in positions of influence, prominence and power -- enough with the wink, wink, nudge, nudge gay men ...

But its Friday night and while I have to spend most of tomorrow inside Century III Mall at an event, I'm signing off now to go enjoy my evening whilst I can. 





DATE:     Monday, April 30th


TIME:     6:30 PM ? 8:30 PM


WHERE:   Calvary Episcopal Church

          315 Shady Avenue at Walnut Street

          (Shadyside)Pittsburgh,PA 15206


FORMAT:   Interested community members will have the opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns to candidates running for local, city and countwide offices. Discuss any and all issues of importance to you!





Questions?  Please call:  412.321.2995


Sponsored by The Allegheny County Democratic Committee


View Article  Penn Dot Chemicalizes NorthSide Neighborhood

Ah spring ... the birds chirping, the children playing and the smell of toxic weed killer wafting from the PennDot owned properties behind our house in Manchester ...


This is their idea of property maintenance.  I waged a year long battle to get them to cut the weeds and clean up the trash.  They promised me they would maintain it.  Rather than send out a PennDot employee with a lawn mower and a weed whacker every 6 weeks or so, they opt to kill anything and everything that grows in that field.  They killed the tree last summer.  Now we have an ugly stump in the midst of an ugly lot.  It is like Petropolis.

Because it saves money.

I'm sure the families that walk on the path through that field to get home from the bus would appreciate it.  I'm sure the legions of people who walk their dogs through that part of Manchester appreciate it.  I'm sure people like Ledcat and myself who live near the property appreciate it.  It saves money. 

Why spend money on an inner city plot of land?  Why let us have something green and lush in our community?  Why make an effort -- we are just city folks after all.  And it was our very own city that let the adjacent lots to this one sit and rot in fetid squalor for years.

You'll note the spray dude is wearing protective gear -- gloves, clothing, even a pair of Motzniks on his feet. If its that unpleasant a chemical, what makes you think I want it sprayed in my community? 

One block away (no photo yet) Penn Dot neatly mowed the grassy berm along Route 65 so all the little Sewickley commuters could have a pleasant view as they drive themselves and their tax dollars back to the suburbs.  But not in Manchester. 

I don't think our demands our excessive, Penn Dot.  Maintain your property without compromising the health and well-being of our community.  Just cut the damn grass. At least the emission from the fuel you use won't kill us immediately.

I feel like I should go out and post warning signs to the dog people.  Which include Marilyn Brooks from Channel 4 (she has beautiful dogs).  Sigh.

View Article  Pgh Native Comes Home To Chat About Gay Marriage

A not to be missed gay event ...read what the PG has to say about it. 


The Women?s Law Project

and Persad Center


An Evening with Evan Wolfson,

author of

Why Marriage Matters:

America, Equality, and Gay People?s Right to Marry


Sponsored by

Thursday, April 19, 2007

6:30 pm Wine & Hors d?oeuvres Reception

7:00 pm Presentation and Q&A

Kelly-Strayhorn Theater

5941 Penn Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15206









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