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View Article  Current Favorite Song

Thanks for 92.9 and 100.7 for making sure this hits the airwaves during most of morning commutes.  :-)



View Article  i am willing to sell out

Bram was sharing his Sonoma Grill adventures (restaurant review in return for a gift card to raffle off to readers).

It occurs to me that I am really ripe for some opportunities to burst the illusion of noble blogger.  Beyond lesbianism, I've lost nearly 50 pounds in 8 months. Think of all the opportunities ...

Dicks  - most of my weight loss has been due to swimming, walking and Wii fit activities.  Imagine if Dick's wanted me to try a new type of lady tennis shoe or (this would be awesome) the latest stretchy band?  Another area of potenial are sports bras.  When you actually use them, you realize there is a difference - especially when Wii makes you run.  I'm just saying that a lot of my female readers could benefit from a sports bra review.  If every season begins at Dick's, why not every stylish lifestyle change? 

My meal last night at Red Robin did not destroy my calorie balance and, yes, I did have a cheeseburger and fries.  Well, I had a portion of both.  You don't have to eat salads or bunless salmon patties while your friends quaff beer and inhale cheesesticks.  You just need to plan.   And be willing to stop mid chew and put the burger down.  Or use a knife to cut up your portions.  It can be awkward, but wouldn't it be great to review how I do it?  Bring it on, Mexico City.  I've got your calorie numbers.  I'm also looking at you, Legends of the North Shore.

Then there is dessert.  I skip dessert because I'm so full from the salads I inhale daily, but sometimes we go looking for a tasty treat and a cup of coffee.  Almost impossible to find after 7 PM here on the Northside.  So can I go to Dozen and stay on track?  How about Vanilla?  Or Glutueny -- does gluten-free mean more other things we need to monitor? 

Right by Nature.  Speaks for itself.  RbN fruit and chicken have been staples in our home.  I'd like to find an organic deodorant that could handle working out 4-5 days per week.  We are being frank here.  I had to default away from Tom's back to Secret.

And I really need to find the best thrift store in Pittsburgh.  I'm dropping sizes in very unusual proportions so purchasing new clothing is selective.  Everyone has an opinion about the best Goodwill/Red, White & Blue store. 

So, I will sell my blogger street cred to find a good sports bra or nutritious cupcake.  Just putting it out there.

That's not a bad deal, is it?  Just contact me sue @ sitnscoop.com and let's get the sell out started ...



View Article  Personal catch up

Just had coffee with Bram from The Pittsburgh Comet.  It was nice to stretch blogging and political muscles that have been a little cramped lately. 

So, the diet and exercise regimen continues.  I am closing in on the 50 lb mark which is pretty awesome.  That is not my final goal, but I certainly intend to savor it as much as possible. 

I'm still having a massive clothing struggle.  I'm firmly between sizes so even the thrift store wasn't much help.  I'm just going to have to alternate skirts with looking frumpy for awhile.  Annoying. But a good problem to have. 

Sparkpeople.com is a wonderful tool.  I was offline for a few days, but I was able to make mostly good choices even without consulting my nutrition tracker. I wrote everything down and when I plugged it in, got high marks so I feel a little more confident that I'll keep this up even after I lose all the weight.  I say that now.  We'll see a year from now. 

Otherwise, life has just been busy.  I haven't even kept up with the local section in the paper which is appalling.  In fact, i'm going to wrap this up and go read the Sunday paper so I can start being interesting again instead of just obsessing about how much a cup of fruit salad looks like in a take out container.  See what I mean?

View Article  This n That

The PG has a good piece on the spread of poverty into the suburbs. 

In the Pittsburgh area, more than three-quarters of the poor population now live in the suburbs.

In the decade since the turn of the century, "The number of poor in the suburbs has grown by more than twice the rate than in the cities," said Elizabeth Kneebone, a senior research associate at the Brookings Institution.

A critical issue is getting the word out to folks that there are programs to help them now, not after their straights are even more dire. 

In significant LGBT news, Gene Robinson, the first only gay Episcopal Bishop will retire in 2013.

The reason to depart, he said in a speech delivered at the close of the annual convention of his diocese, is that being at the center of an international uproar has taken a toll on him and on the diocese.

"Death threats, and the now worldwide controversy surrounding your election of me as bishop, have been a constant strain, not just on me, but on my beloved husband, Mark" and on Episcopalians in the state, he said.

But those who know Bishop Robinson say he has no intention of retiring from public life. His status as a symbol in the international gay rights movement means that after he steps down, he will have no shortage of platforms from which to preach his message that God blesses gay relationships too. (Through a spokesman, he declined interview requests.)

One can only imagine the toll this has taken on everyone.  While the world has not ended, hate mongerers like Archbishop Peter Akinola and Pittsburgh's own Bishop Duncan have used this to enhance their power and status at what appears to be great cost to the very people they profess to serve.  How sad. 

Redistricting anyone?

No excerpts because it makes my head spin. 

I haven't heard a lot from the local LGBT politicos since they were thrashed last week.  We were thrashed, I should say, because I was in that mix. 

Ah well ... I did read today that Senator-Elect Toomey is going to align with the Tea Party.  I believe Jason Altmore and Mark Critz are financing 2012 with Nancy Pelosi pin cushion dolls (not endorsed by Christine ODonnell). 

Sigh. I'm going for a walk.


View Article  Gay Out the Vote!

View Article  I'm mad as hell and I don't have time to go round and round and round ...

This one goes out to the folks who can't seem to stop reading even though they detest what I have to say ...


View Article  Dan Frankel says we need to vote for Onorato

LGBT champion, State Representative Dan Frankel penned a letter to the Post-Gazette urging Western Pennsylvania to support Onorato because he's the better choice on LGBT issues. The cruz of his arguement is that Corbett thinks existing anti-discrimination protections on the statewide level are fine and has no intention of expanding them.  Onorato has stated he will support the expansion to include LGBT folks.

In contrast, at the same debate, Dan Onorato said of H.B. 300, "As governor, I would sign it into law. ... No one should lose their apartment or their job or their home because of their sexual identity or their orientation."

As chief executive of Allegheny County, Mr. Onorato signed a similar nondiscrimination law that protects the county's 1.2 million residents. As governor, Dan Onorato will be committed to fairness for all Pennsylvanians, which is also vital for fighting brain drain and for our economic competitiveness.

So if Corbett (and the tea bagger commenters) think all is well, that's clearly wrong and dangerous.  However, as wit most Democrats, I believe Frankel oversells Onorato. It took many, many months for him to make a public announcement supporting the Allegheny County legislation. He has a voting record of opposing these protections when he was a City Councilman.  That's not exactly a mindblowing change of position.  It is incremental and it took nearly twenty years to happen.  (Don't forget he lost his cool at an endorsement meeting b/c a certain lesbian blog published his voting record.  Ahem.)

I'm just saying that Onorato's track record AT BEST says he won't stand in the way, but there's no public evidence that he'll work to advance HB 300 or similar legislation.  We simply have to take his word for it.

And truth be told, when you think of all the promises President Obama actually made to the gay community and has yet to work on, there's just no evidence that the Governor of Pennsylvania will do any better.  Obama had significant majorities and poll data to prove that repealing DADT was fine, yet he's actually got the Department of Justice fighting to defend it.  Groan.

My point is that the Governor won't have majorities in both chambers, regardless of who wins.  The Senate still wants to defend marriage from gay people. The House just hasn't had the muscle to push HB 300 through. 

What we need is to unify as a community and put the pressure on Onorato to make this happen.  And I don't think he has the political will or muscle to do it.  He needs our votes and fundraisers on Mt. Washington, but he knows we'll be forced to support him. 

Frankel's point is short, sweet and to the point.  Onorato is the only chance to expand civil protections.  I get that, but I'll be a believer when I see some public action.  More behind the scenes machinations with the elite white gay men on Pennsylvania won't cut it with the suburban soccer mom lesbians and the many, many unemployer and underemployed LGBT folks who face a stagnant economony and the legal realities of being fired for being gay. 

I think Onorato needs our votes b/c Pennsylvania would be better if this legislation passed.  But I also believe a full court press for him to ante up on this issue is necessary. 

How about that?  I think Onorato is like Obama and man that just blows my mind.

Vote.  It is all we got, folks.

BTW, I like Nancy Pelosi.




View Article  The Big Gay 2010 Political Wrap Up ...

I got nothing.  You can vote Team Democrat and hope for the best.  Or you can vote for the best commercial.  Or the candidates least likely to have to defend themselves from being labeled a witch. 

I tried to write a thoughtful analysis, but the only person I have any respect for is Joe Sestak.  Well, I do like Pat Murphy but he doesn't live here and most of you do. 

I say go with the Democrats even though a lot of them suck on LGBT issues and will probably contribute to the Obama Administration complete failure to lead. Yeah, we'll get a few more crumbs.  But, frankly, Onorato's lackluster do nothing attitude toward providing health insurance for his current employees (aka domestic partner benefits) does not bode well for him to develop a spine in the next four years.  Let's hope Dan Frankel and Daylin Leach can beat back the Christian whackos for awhile and someone else emerges in 2014.

You know what I feel like?  The woman who thinks Charlie Batch is the best human being on the entire team and yet has to sit back and watch the most horrible excuse for a man get all the glory.  Does that seem like the American way? 


Go team. 

View Article  First, the banal ...

I've been off the radar for over a week.  I needed to recharge and rethink some of the ridiculous aspects of, well, everything. 

I've half-heartedly paid attention to the polls, but it was just last week I changed my screen-saved from "Elect Joe Hoeffel" to be honest with you.  Hardly a rousing endorsement.

I also had some thoughts about the concept of being "out" and how it really should be open to interpretation of the individual.  The key is that the person has to tell other people if they are our or not.  I think a lot of folks, including myself, sort of assume that out is out.  While we don't parade around (well, only once a year) with banners, it seems like we try to lead authentic lives. 

All of us, I must say, fail.

For example, I work with clients and must maintain certain professional boundaries to provide good services. So our rule is that we don't discuss our families in the sense of sharing the names of our spouses or details about children.  Pretty much we leave it at "I'm married with 3 kids" ... enough for some chit chat, but not enough to interfere with the "we aren't friends" boundary.  Except ... my stating that "I'm partnered with no kids" is a little bit more interference.  My sexual orientation doesn't interfere with my capacity to do my job and it has never been an issue with my colleagues at my current workplace (except Verizon but that's another story).  But it is true that being gay could get in the way of my work with clients so I just say nothing.  They all assumem I'm unmarried with no kids.  It isn't a big deal and I'm more than willling to make that compromise b/c who I am as a person leads to lots of opportunities for that casual chit chat -- I have dogs and cats, I like soap operas, etc.  It is fine. 

But it is not authentic.  It is not authentic because of the social structures that teach people that a gay identity is lesser.  I'm pretty much willing to blame churches for just about anything now since I think gay reparation therapy is one of the leading causes that kids are killing themselves. 

But I also knowingly take the risk that any resident could find out at any time. I have this blog, I'm quoted in the paper, I might be on WTAE this week.  Yeah, it is a risk.  And if it comes up, I'm already prepared to handle it.  Because I don't think it will really be a problem since I've done a good job and I've established a positive relationship with my clients. 

This week, I have a work event.  Ledcat will come (b/c she rocks) and I will be proud to introduce her. 

OK, I gotta blog about politics so enough of this ...


View Article  LGBTQ folks rally to reelect Congressman Patrick Murphy - PA

Congressman Murphy is possibly the only candidate in the entire nation that has the backing of the entire gay community, from Beltway insiders to jailed activists. He's been on the frontlines about repealing DADT and makes no apologies. 

If you've been paying attention to LGBT politics, you're most likely aware that the rift between Gay, Inc and well, the rest of us, is deep and divisive and damaging.  There is no gay body politic and that won't change soon.  Still, something very unique has transpired.  The community has rallied to demonstrate that our collective political will can make a difference by rallying around Congressman Murphy. 

See for yourself.  Recognize anyone?

There's a concerted push to get gay and allied attention on this election.  You can follow Congressman Murphy on Twitter http://twitter.com/patrickmurphypa which helps you stay in touch during this final push but also puts you in the drivers seat in a critical race, rather than continuing to sit back and wait. 

Rather than a laundry list of reasons to support Murphy (watch the video), I want you to consider the magnitude of the video. This is exactly what a defined constituency should be doing ... finding common ground and pouring energy into that cause, both to effect change (electing an ally) and to develop a cohesive identity that is driven by the grassroots and Gay, Inc.  In other words, organizing. 

I do not believe LGBT people should be contributing a single penny to the national, statewide or local party, period.  The Democrat party has abandoned the gay community and doesn't deserve our support.  Focusing on the candidates who have earned our support through their deeds (not just their words) is clearly the best way to go.  We sidestep the ridiculously murky bashing tactics of claiming "any Democrat is better than a Republican" which is an immature attempt by politicos to control your vote rather than encourage you to think for yourselves. 

Your vote is precious and significant.  Those politicos wouldn't be scrambling otherwise, even if their tactics are irritating.  Your participation in an LGBT political movement is equally precious.  Lending your twitter account, your donations and your attention to the Murphy and Sestak campaigns is a way to be part of that momentum on your own terms.  And the politicos will be happy b/c the quasi allies like Onorato will get the coattail effect. 

If Murphy is successfully reelected, it will be fascinating to see if there's fallout for the LGBT community on a national scale.  Locally?  Eh, I'm not too hopeful we'll see any twitches left of center anytime soon.  Too few resources controlled by too few persons.  But one never knows. 

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