Six Bloggers Walk Into an Art Gallery

Six bloggers walked into an art gallery to have a conversation …

This was far more fun than I anticipated. I had forgotten quite a bit about some of the history of political blogging during the mid-2000’s. It was fascinating to revisit that time period and have a chance to look through the eyes of other people.

Justin Laing from the blog Hillombo was a fantastic moderator. He was really well prepared and brings some powerful modern perspective to a historical conversation.

This is an excellent post for #NaBloPoMo! If you’ve ever wondered a little bit about what blogging used to be like or who is behind some of those legendary URLs, great video to watch. And lots of shoutouts to the contributions of women to the Burghosphere in particular.

I wish we could do this again, perhaps with a different group of bloggers. Just an ongoing conversation about blogging with different bloggers, me and Justin. I’m greedy for good conversation. I love blogging.

So if you have an hour and twenty seven minutes to spare, pull up a chair and watch. Bonus points if you can accurately guess how many times I mentioned that I was voted Pittsburgh’s Best Blogger, 2016!