Here’s Why I Think You Should Vote for Hillary Clinton

HIllary Clinton Pennsylvania

For weeks, my head has been in a muddle over all sorts of things. I have been wanting to write a coherent explanation of why I’m supporting Hillary Clinton in this election, an urge that grows more insistent with each encounter I have with folks I know supporting Trump. But my mind is working against me as it is prone to do when I feel anxious.

So000 I’m going to share a few links with you that I hope will help you to understand where I’m at in my head. I understand the fear of neo-liberal policies is genuine and based in the worst elements of capitalism and democracy. I understand that Hillary is far from perfect, but I do think she is the most perfectly qualified woman to shatter the glass ceiling of the White House as well as the most prepared and experienced candidate for President.

So take a read and please tell me what you think.

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