Pittsburgh Based “This Week In Gender” Debuts on YouTube

A new YouTube show debuted this week produced by the Gender Dances Project, based right here in Pittsburgh. The show is called “This Week in Gender” and features several local familiar faces who aren’t often given a platform. The video is NSFW because of language, but it is rather engaging.

I was particularly struck by Donna’s description of a friend who is unable to undergo hormone therapy or pursue surgical options because she is living with cancer, so her validity as a trans woman is called into question by ignorant fools. They probably don’t know about her medical history, but they don’t need to know. They need to expand their minds around the fact that it’s none of their business. My heart aches for her – to be unable to access medical treatment because of another medical condition and then deal with social stigma.

Take a look. I love that the show’s produced set up an email address for complaints FuckYou@thisweekingender.com – that’s awesome. I admire feistiness especially when fused with creativity.