Thursday Marriage Equality Round-Up (and More)

To help you stay current:

The judge for the federal lawsuit has been named (via the PG)

Image: PoliticsPa
Image: PoliticsPa

Profiles of some of the local couples involved in the lawsuit (via the PG) has a story, too.

The background story (and quotes from me!) via the PG

A nice profile of one of the couples involve in the lawsuit, including their” how we met” anecdote (via the City Paper)

An interesting quote from State Rep Dan Frankel on why the court route is necessary in PA (via the Trib)

Finally, the Pennsylvania State Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, has announced that she will NOT defend DOMA in Court.

And – everyone still agrees that same sex couples should talk with an attorney and a CPA before getting married or taking other formal legal steps. Equality does not come cheaply.