Bill Peduto – We Need a Mayor Who Never Forgets What Pittsburgh Can Be

Bill Peduto’s tv commercial is available via YouTube.

Five generations of my family worked in the mill right there on the South Side – my great-grandfather died a few blocks away from that spot. Still, my father and his cousins and even my brother worked in the mills through the 70s and 80s and …today. My father continues to work as a foreman for a local coke plant. His cousin is an engineer with a mill in Westmoreland County. They remember what Pittsburgh can be – my father is a die hard conservative Republican and he 100% supports Bill Peduto b/c as my Dad says “he really believes in this City.”

If that’s piques your interest, why not take a look at the more than 50 policy ideas Peduto’s team has released – ideas to keep us moving to what we can be.