Pgh Lesbian Blog Finalist for 5 Readers Choice Awards

Thank you to everyone who voted in the semi-final “round” for the Keystone Alliance Gaylife Newsletter Annual Readers’ Choice Awards. We are pleased to have made it to the final round in five categories. Voting ends on April 5, 2013 so we encourage you to click over now and vote for your favorites.2013ReadersChoice

* Favorite GLBT Media Publication
* Favorite GLBT Social Media
* News Media Staff or Columnist
* Lesbian of the Year
* GLBT Person of the Year

I want to add that I’d personally encourage you to consider voting for The Pittsburgh Pirates in category #12 – Humanitarian of the Year. The Pirates released their “It Gets Better” video last May which was an important contribution to the welfare of LGBTQ youth. We don’t have a lot of these moments to celebrate in Pittsburgh.

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