Jen Tyrrell, Other Advocates To Deliver 1.4 Million Signatures to Boy Scouts HQ

Jen is in Dallas today and heading to New York this week to volunteer her time to push for the Tyrrellchange to the Boy Scouts policy. She’s sending dispatches for us to post.

Update: Had a great meeting last night with some of the key players in this movement! Greg Bourke (Den Leader, Ousted because he is gay), Will Oliver (Who I blogged about, started NatGeo petition), Brand Hankins (Straight Ally who is Executive Director of Scouts for Equality), Seth from GLAAD and Mark Anthony Dingbaum from! I am feeling excited, anxious, and hopeful about our delivery today. We have requested a meeting with BSA HQ but haven’t received a response yet! I think they are having their meeting today also, but not at HQ. Will update after meeting!!

They are delivering the petitions at 11 AM Central Time. The petitions from collectively have over 1.4 million signatures. Jen will continue to update us as things unfold.