Calling All Bloggers – Women & Girls in Pittsburgh Need You

Do you realize that many women in our community do not have the resources to purchase tampons or pads? Either for themselves or their daughters?

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Have you ever been that poor? Its not a joke. It was a wake up call for me when I first learned about it in 1995.

You can help. March is Sister Supplies month, a joint project of The Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project and On The Spot. The ask si simple  – a tote bag with tampons and pads. The items will be divided between food pantries and local school districts.

There’s another thing. On Wednesday, March 14, 2012 – Sister Supplies Blog Swarm. All bloggers welcome to participate. More details here.

Do you know some women? Men comfortable talking about feminine hygiene? Then please organize a drive. Pass a tote around at work and ask everyone to contribute a box. Facebook your friends. When you hit the bar this weekend, ask your girlfriends to chip in a dollar. Look for a sale or a BOGO this weekend at Walgreens. Do what it takes. But women deserve better.