Welcome to the new WordPress edition of Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents

We’ll we’ve made the leap from Blogware to WordPress and it seems we landed on our feet. 

Sue and crew are all smiles about the new site!


You’ll notice a very sleek look.  As I learn my way around the software, I’ll bring back the blogrolls and fancy features. 

The most important thing is to note that Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents v1.0 is safely archived. Notice the Google Search box to the left?  Underneath is a link to take you to the archive. My wicked awesome web guy has set up the search box to search both the archived and the current version. So you should be all set for your Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondent fix.

This will hopefully give us some more flexibility to get the good news out about what’s happening in Pittsburgh’s LGBTQ community.  Looking forward to your feedback.