From Pam’s House Blend: Beck and Hannity lose Philly

From Pam Spaulding comes this cheerful tiding …

Mediaite has learned Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are being dropped from their Philadelphia radio station, WPHT 1210 (The Big Talker), in January.

The station is a CBS affiliate, and Philadelphia is the fourth largest radio market.

Taking Beck's 9am-noon slot is the local Dom Giordano, currently 6-10pm. Then comes Rush Limbaugh, noon-3pm, and Smerconish – who replaces Sean Hannity.

This makes me smile, especially with local news of the transfer of WDUQ out of the hands of the censoring Catholic church and into real independent arms.  There is nothing decent to listen to on Pgh's airwaves in the way of talk radio, if you are progressive and/or liberal.  Taking down the kings of right wing nuttery might pave the way for …. who knows?