I got an award! "Lesbian of the Year"

I was tremendously tickled to learn that the readers of the Keystone Alliance/Gaylife Newsletter have voted me “Lesbian of the Year” for 2010.  I am in the company of my great colleagues and friends, including:


So who are these fine folks?

Together, The Keystone Alliance/GayLife Newsletter is a Multi-State, National Gay Organization. We raise money for charity, provide monthly support meetings and educational events, and write editorials in various local newspapers. We stand up for those who need protection and equal rights in our community.

It is flattering to be recognized in any form, be it someone calling me out on their blog to readers of a newsletter.  You may bust my chops, but at least you are paying attention, right? 

It does get a little interesting. 

Is your head spinning?  Did you ever expect to read Sue Kerr and John Eichelberger receiving awards from the same organization?  Read here for more details on how Senator Eichelberger earned this honor (it is not in jest).

Again, in all seriousness, it really is very nice to be acknowledged by other commnity advocates.  I am honored.

Thank you.